In the Broken Plains, orc tribes struggle with a hostile land and hostile rivals. In the Dunwarr Mountains, dwarves build massive fortresses and great works of cunning and skill. But now all is changing. A new darkness threatens to engulf the known world. The orc tribes are rising, united for the first time in generations. The dwarves of Dunwarr put aside their craftsman’s hammers and take up axe and shield, suspicious of all outsiders and determined to weather the oncoming storm. Two new empires enter the fray, and Mennara will never be the same.

Since the release of Oath and Anvil , the expansion for Rune Age , we have received a number of questions from players seeking clarity. Today, we’re pleased to present the Rune Age FAQ (pdf, 4.8 MB), now available for download from our support page ! With more on the FAQ, here’s Rune Age developer James Kniffen:

A Word from the Developer

Hello, Rune Age fans! Using your rules question submissions, we’ve compiled an Errata & FAQ document for the Rune Age base game and the Oath and Anvil expansion.

The errata clarifies how to resolve a tie in the Monument scenario and establishes that Rewards cards are refreshed with cities and strongholds.

The FAQ section addresses everything from the resolution of a few Event cards to the details of securing a stronghold.

We always encourage our fans to submit their rules question through our website. We’re able to provide documents like this FAQ because of your help, and in turn, you’re helping gamers across the globe. If you come across additional questions during your time in Terrinoth, please send them our way, as we will continue to update this document in the future.

Thank you for playing!

Rune Age is a deck-building game of adventure and conquest for 2-4 players. Set in the fantasy realm of Terrinoth (Runebound, Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Runewars, and DungeonQuest), Rune Age puts players in control of one of four races, vying for dominance in a world embroiled in conflict.

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