The earth shakes below you, but you pay it no mind. They have been drilling all day on your orders. You want to find it today, come hell or high water. You look down at the plans you’ve agreed on with your workers. Suddenly, a hissing sound fills the air. You look up in time to see mud erupting from the hole, shooting 100 feet into the air. It’s quickly followed by dark roaring liquid. It rains down, soaking you from your hat to your well-worn boots. A worker runs toward you, his mouth moving but you can’t hear him.

“What?” you scream. The sound is deafening.
“Oil,” he yells back.
Could it be...are you rich?

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Black Gold , a board game of drilling and discovery! Originally published in Germany as Giganten , Black Gold thrusts players into the competitive world of the Texas Oil business.

Designer Wilko Manz worked closely with Fantasy Flight Games to revise his original version of Giganten , resulting in streamlined rules, a modular board, the ability to play with five players, and cool plastic derricks that clearly display your Black Gold discoveries.

Liquid gold, blacker than midnight under a skillet, awaits you and your fellow prospectors in the arid desert of West Texas. The year is 1922, and with the Texas Oil industry booming, it’s time to stake your claim. Grab a shovel and put the “filthy” in filthy rich!

Them’s Fightin’ Words

As an eager prospector, you are vying against your neighbors to become the wealthiest, before a ruthless Oil Baron arrives, representing the greedy East Texas oil companies stealing your potential land.

The Oil Baron counts down the rounds with each movement of his black train, until he reaches the last track and ends the game. Do you feel the pressure? Will the tension cause you to lie during an oil auction? Will you be caught? Or will it spur you on to find a gusher that sells at top market price, making a fortune?

Gain more wealth than your fellow competitors by quickly exploring the terrain for oil wells, surveying the land, and building derricks. You'll make money if you can transport your oil to a company and win the right to sell it at auction.

Head over to our Black Gold website to learn more, and join the race!

In Black Gold , 2-5 competitors amass wealth from gushers in the Permian Basin. Players attempt to claim the best wells, bid against their neighbors, and sell at the highest prices. Can you make enough money before time runs out?

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