“To the end of his days Bilbo could never remember how he found himself outside, without a hat, walking-stick or say money, or anything that he usually took when he went out; leaving his second breakfast half-finished and quite unwashed-up, pushing his keys into Gandalf's hands, and running as fast as his furry feet could carry him down the lane, past the great Mill, across The Water, and then on for a whole mile or more. Very puffed he was, when he got to Bywater just on the stroke of eleven, and found he had come without a pocket-handkerchief!”
      – The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

The Hobbit , a board game of adventure and treasure in Middle-earth for 2-5 players, is now on sale! On his journey to the Lonely Mountain, the hobbit Bilbo Baggins will need guidance and protection. Swing by your local retailer or visit our webstore to pick up your copy today so you can guide Bilbo on his quest.

Designed by Reiner Knizia, The Hobbit is a game of strategic bidding and chance. Taking on the roles of the stoic dwarves, players need to guide Bilbo Baggins from the Shire to the Lonely Mountain and end the game with the most treasure. During their journey they will fight goblins, battle wargs, escape the Mirkwood elves, and eventually reach Laketown. Players must plan their journey wisely, bidding for their turn sequence to move Bilbo Baggins further along the game path.

In order to face the challenges that await them, players can increase their stats by using their numbered Dwarf Cards to bid for upgrades. Player stats include Cunning, Strength, and Initiative, and each of these can be raised whenever the active player moves Bilbo onto an appropriate space along the path. But be wary, there are also spaces on the path that will reduce your stats. Bid wisely!

Players will want to increase their stats equally, since they will not be able to predict which ones will be tested on the upcoming Adventure Space. Once Bilbo reaches an Adventure Space, players must roll custom six-sided dice to beat whatever challenge awaits them. Through strategic re-rolls and effective stat upgrades, players will need to match the dice symbols with whatever symbols are on the Adventure Card. If they succeed, they will be awarded treasure. If they fail, Smaug will advance further toward Laketown and attempt to prematurely end the game!

For more information on The Hobbit , visit the description page or download the full rules (pdf, 2.1 MB). Note, this board game is an entirely new design, with no relation to the other game (of the same name) published by FFG in 2002.

Head over to your local retailer or our webstore and pick up The Hobbit to begin your journey today!

The Hobbit is a board game of adventure and treasure for 2-5 players. On his quest to the Lonely Mountain, Bilbo Baggins will need assistance and guidance from his stoic dwarf companions. As one of these dwarves, it is your responsibility to aid Bilbo on his journey and ensure that you recover the treasure that is destined for you.

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