And as I ran along the shore, crushing sleeping flowers with heedless feet and maddened ever by the fear of unknown things[...], I saw that the garden had no end under that moon; for where by day the walls were, there stretched now only new vistas of trees and paths, flowers and shrubs, stone idols and pagodas, and bendings of the yellow-litten stream past grassy banks and under grotesque bridges of marble.
H.P. Lovecraft , What the Moon Brings

Call of the Wild , an expansion for Mansions of Madness , is coming in just a few more weeks. Ready yourself for the terrifying wilderness by downloading the rules, now available on our support page ! Prepare for the keeper’s plans or plot the destruction of the investigators by getting familiar with the new mechanics debuting in these eldritch explorations. In Call of the Wild , the investigators venture out of the mansion and into the forests and swamps surrounding Arkham. The brave investigators must contend with hazardous terrain , battle a keeper with more surprises , and work with new Ally characters in order to survive.

The rules will give players a better idea of the pitfalls and waterways that are scattered throughout the area, and they can gain some insight in how to use these features to their advantage. Whether you take the role of an investigator and appeal to the Allies for aid, or you play as the keeper and work to keep them quiet, the rules will give you a full understanding of how to make the most of these new characters.

Brace Yourself to Explore the Unknown

There are unfathomable and unnatural terrors lurking in the untamed wilds. Possessing a good grip on the essentials of survival in the outdoors may be all that stands between you and the yawning abyss of insanity. Prepare accordingly. Download the rules (pdf, 3.2 MB) for Call of the Wild from the Mansions of Madness support page today!

Mansions of Madness is a macabre game of horror, insanity, and mystery for two to five players. Based on the beloved fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, Mansions of Madness tells a story in which one player takes on the role of the keeper, a malevolent force working to complete a sinister plot, and all other players take on the roles of investigators, the unlikely heroes who gather to oppose him.

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