“Time is short. See! The beacons of Gondor are alight, calling for aid. War is kindled. See, there is the fire on Amon Dîn.”
    –Gandalf, The Return of the King

The Dark Lord’s agents secretly plot against the strength of Gondor. When several of Middle-earth’s heroes expose one of these agents, they begin a pursuit that will take them far beyond the walls of Minas Tirith…

Encounter at Amon Dîn , the third Adventure Pack in the Against the Shadow cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game , is now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore !

The third chapter in the Against the Shadow story arc, Encounter at Amon Dîn builds upon the events of The Steward’s Fear and The Drúadan Forest . As several of Middle-earth’s greatest heroes depart the ancient wilderness outside of Minas Tirith, they spy dark plumes of smoke rising across the lands of Anórien. Amon Dîn is burning, and it falls to your heroes to save the village’s citizens from the spreading fires and the threat of an Orcish siege.

Encounter at Amon Dîn is the tale of a dramatic rescue mission, but whether the mission succeeds or fails is up to you! You’ll have to move quickly, battle Orcs, and fight fires, and you’ll need to take advantage of whatever assistance you can find. This time, you’re not just fighting for your lives; your fighting for the lives of everyone in Amon Dîn!

The Steward’s Influence

In an earlier preview , we revealed the scenario’s new “Villagers X” keyword and explored its interaction with the two central objectives, Rescued Villagers ( Encounter at Amon Dîn , 68) and Dead Villagers ( Encounter at Amon Dîn , 69). By tracking the number of villagers you’ve saved and the number of those that have perished, these objectives truly keep your focus on the mission and lend it an air of drama.

There is, however, another objective in Encounter at Amon Dîn , the objective ally, Lord Alcaron ( Encounter at Amon Dîn , 70). As the forces of Mordor began their siege of Cair Andros, Lord Alcaron was sent by Denethor to prepare for an evacuation of the northlands. Once he received news of Gondor’s victory, Alcaron began to see to the Stewards’ business in the region.

Lord Alcaron’s presence proved to be a fateful blessing to the villagers of Amon Dîn. When the first wave of Orcs struck against the village, Alcaron led the villagers in the construction of a barricade, and he helped rally the village’s first defense. Now, as your heroes prepare to search the village for survivors and shepherd them away from the remaining Orc warriors and their reinforcements, Lord Alcaron lends his aid to your task.

Knowing how best to make use of Lord Alcaron’s aid may prove to be the difference between the success or failure of your rescue effort. A well-rounded Gondorian Noble , Lord Alcaron is capable of making a meaningful contribution during your quest phase, or by defending or attacking the enemies that engage you. You’ll have to be careful, though, if you use Alcaron to defend enemy attacks; if he ever leaves play, you lose the game.

Instead, you may wish to keep Lord Alcaron ready throughout your turn, in order to make the best possible use of his Response ability, “After a villager token is discarded, exhaust Lord Alcaron to place that villager token on a location instead.” Bear in mind that anytime a villager token would be discarded, it is moved to Dead Villagers, so Lord Alcaron’s ability may prove as important to your efforts as he was to the village’s early defense!

Stay Ahead of the Uruk Warband

In Encounter at Amon Dîn , you’ll explore abandoned farmsteads, battle Orcs, and rescue terror-stricken villagers. Lord Alcaron will lend his aid, and you may gain further assistance from the Lord of Morthond ( Encounter at Amon Dîn , 58) or even Denethor ( Encounter at Amon Dîn , 57), himself! Still, you must not delay. Fires wait for no Elf, Dwarf, nor Man, not even the Steward of Gondor, and as they spread, the villagers of Amon Dîn will perish.

Meanwhile, marauding Orcs continue to hunt those villagers beyond the safety of your defenses. You must find a way to deal with these hateful foes–and quickly–or you’ll be trapped along with the villagers you sought to save, surrounded, and confronted by the terrifying might of their bloodthirsty leader, Ghulat ( Encounter at Amon Dîn , 71).

There is no time to lose.

Encounter at Amon Dîn is now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore . Pick up your copy today!

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a cooperative card game that puts 1-2 players (or up to four with an additional Core Set) in control of the most powerful characters and artifacts of Middle-earth. Players will select heroes, gather allies, acquire artifacts, and coordinate their efforts to face Middle-earth’s most dangerous fiends. The Living Card Game format allows players to customize their gaming experience with monthly Adventure Pack expansions to the core game.

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