It was night again ere news came. A man rode in haste from the fords, saying that a host had issued from Minas Morgul and was already drawing nigh to Osgiliath; and it had been joined by regiments from the South, Haradrim, cruel and tall. “And we have learned,” said the messenger, “that the Black Captain leads them once again.”
–Return of the King

Heroes scouting the ruins of Osgiliath make a terrifying discovery: Sauron has secretly maneuvered a large army onto Gondor’s doorstep and now threatens to overthrow it. These heroes must cross the Anduin and warn Minas Tirith before it is too late!

Play the role of one of these brave messengers at Gen Con Indy 2011 as Fantasy Flight Games proudly debuts The Massing at Osgiliath !

This new scenario for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game immerses you in the thrills and perils of Middle-earth with a four-part quest, new locations, and new enemies, including the most terrifying foe at the Dark Lord’s disposal.

A Spear of Terror in the Hand of Sauron

King of Angmar long ago, Sorcerer, Ringwraith, Lord of the Nazgûl, a spear of terror in the hand of Sauron, shadow of despair.
–Return of the King

With the forces of Mordor hard on their tails, the heroes will need to work together to survive Sauron’s vanguard and find their way across the Anduin. But it won’t be easy. The four-part quest for The Massing at Osgiliath pits your heroes against a brand-new encounter set, filled with deadly enemies, including the Black Captain of Sauron’s forces, the Witch King. Play in this event, and you’ll see why the men of Gondor trembled in his presence!

Make Your Plans Now

Act quickly to reserve your seat. The Massing at Osgiliath is scheduled for Print on Demand release one month after Gen Con, but participants in our ticketed events will receive a free copy of this special scenario while supplies last!

Register for Gen Con Indy 2011 today, and then reserve your ticket for The Massing at Osgiliath and other Fantasy Flight Games events. Keep checking our website, and plan to visit us in the event hall as our schedule of events continues to grow.

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a cooperative card game that puts 1-2 players (or up to four with an additional Core Set) in control of the most powerful characters and artifacts of Middle-earth. Players will select heroes, gather allies, acquire artifacts, and coordinate their efforts to face Middle-earth’s most dangerous fiends. The Living Card Game format allows players to customize their gaming experience with monthly Adventure Pack expansions to the core game.

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