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The game’s most recent campaign expansion, Operation “Icarus,” has drawn Axis and Allied forces into new heated conflicts as they battle for control of Zverograd’s airfield and the air superiority to which it may lead. Though the Axis forces holding the airfield were initially able to hunker down in their Quonset Huts , desperate and determined strikes by the Allies eventually wore through the Axis defenses, and the Allies seized command of key locations along the edges of the airfield. Now, with the SSU’s forces pressing in around them, neither side can afford to waste any time, and both send in new troops, hoping to strike the decisive blow.

Turn the tide of battle with the Allied USMC Heavy Weapons Teams , Axis Übertoten Suicide Squad , and Axis Übertoten Assault Squad !

USMC Heavy Weapons Teams

As the Allied invaders gain a greater foothold on the battlefield, they seek to reinforce their positions with their USMC Heavy Weapons Teams .

The USMC Heavy Weapons Teams expansion comes with two units. Both have learned the hard way that heavy firepower is a crucial component along the path to victory.

Serving primarily as a defensive unit, the Choppers wield a deadly .50 cal machine gun which they combine with their Advanced Reactive Fire to reliably fire upon enemy units before they close into position. Set them up in cover, and they excel at wreaking havoc upon enemy infantry.

The Leathernecks have traded their .50 cal. for a 120mm heavy mortar, one of the most reliable weapons you can find for harsh environments. The mortar never jams, is easy to clean, and its 120mm shells can even punch through the hulls of vehicles and walkers!

Übertoten Suicide Squad

To hold their early gains in the battle for Zverograd’s airfield, the Allies quickly established defensive lines. When the first attempts by Axis forces to break the lines were repelled, Axis commanders realized they needed to throw troops against the Allies who they could count to be loyal to the cause beyond all fear for life and limb.

Enter the Übertoten Suicide Squad . These sentient undead soldiers were created by injecting the Wiederbelebungsserum into live subjects rather than corpses. The process grants the soldiers tremendous physical gifts, but for some, the burden of their abominable un-life proves too great to bear. Those souls looking for death’s release volunteer for the Übertoten Suicide Squad .

Armed to the teeth with Magnetic Mines and Panzerfaust 100s, these troops have less than no regard for their safety, as they try to blow up themselves with their targets. A terrifying and effective presence on the field of battle, the Übertoten Suicide Squad excels at breaking enemy lines and can provide an excellent anti-tank measure to any Axis army.

Übertoten Assault Squad

While the soldiers of the Übertoten Suicide Squad have responded negatively to the Axis scientists’ experiments with their Wiederbelebungsserum, the sentient undead of the Übertoten Assault Squad stand as tribute to their more successful efforts.

Nicknamed the Braineaters, these newly augmented troops have been equipped with some powerful weaponry, including the new MG 48 and Panzerfaust 100. The MG 48 can liquidate enemy infantry in an incredible barrage of bullets, and the Panzerfaust 100 is a particularly potent antitank weapon. With their augmented, undead bodies and powerful equipment, these abominations change the course of battles wherever they are deployed.

Premium Pre-Painted Versions

If you want to bring your units to the field pre-painted and battle ready, then pick up our professionally painted versions of these units from our line of Dust Premium-Edition Miniatures . Each Dust Premium unit is professionally painted according to the art schemes of Vincent Fontaine, the art director of Dust Studio.

Whether you pick up the detailed, pre-painted models on our webstore or give the standard versions your own paint-job, the USMC Heavy Weapons Teams , Übertoten Suicide Squad , and Übertoten Assault Squad are all now available at your local retailer!

Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures game of brutal combat for 2-4 players. Based on the popular universe created by artist Paolo Parente, Dust Tactics presents an alternate 1940s reality in which alien technology fuels gigantic machines of war, and the world's superpowers clash over rare mineral deposits that could ultimately decide the outcome of WWII.

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