Two new units and one accessory pack are now available for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare at your local retailer and on our webstore ! With Operation “Icarus” on the horizon, the skies above Zverograd are anything but safe, and the ground is littered with fallen soldiers and scraps of defeated walkers. The Axis is deploying their new VK powered jet, the Horten HO-347 , in an effort to secure their hold on the Zverograd airfield. The SSU is trying to make the most of the VK stored in the walkers of fallen friends with the KV47 Recovery & Demolition Walkers . The Axis has stationed their troops in the relative cover and security of quonset huts positioned on the airfield, and the Allies and SSU will have a difficult time digging them out of their position.

Horten HO-347

The Axis was the first to introduce jets to the battlefield, and the addition of new, VK-powered engines have made their fast and versatile fighters all the more fearsome. The Axis’ latest foray into the creation of these powerful aircraft is the Horten HO-347 .

The two
Horten HO-347 configurations, the Fledermaus IV (right) and the Fledermaus III (left)

The Fledermaus III variation of this plane is a sure bet when facing enemy aircraft with its light cannons, and its larger 75mm gun can thin ranks on the ground in no time. The Fledermaus IV swaps out the 75mm cannon for an array of bombs. This configuration is perfect for pilots who want to get up close and personal as they clear the area for infantry and walkers. Both of these configurations are fast and pack an incredible punch, and both will undoubtedly contribute to the Axis’ superiority in the air.

KV-47 Recovery & Demolition Walker

The SSU has been making the most of their limited resources for a long time. Before the SSU introduced VK-powered units to their armies, it was not a priority to recover vehicles that had been wrecked during heavy combat. With the advent of VK-powered walkers, the SSU has become far more proactive in recovering downed units from the battlefield.

Even when they were no longer functional, VK-powered walkers contained rare materials and technology that was vital to SSU army. If recovery of these valuable materials was impossible, then troops had a standing order to destroy the wreckage to keep the valuable scrap and SSU secrets out of the hands of Soviet enemies.

In the midst of battle, recovering the remains of vehicles that no doubt were felled under heavy enemy fire is no easy task. This process was deemed too dangerous and the scrap too cumbersome for infantry to manage, so a new line of KV47 walkers was produced with these recovery missions in mind. Four configurations of the KV47 Recovery & Demolition Walker were made available to be deployed on the field of battle: Maksim , Marlen , Melor , and Mikhail .

Each walker is outfitted with the equipment it needs to recover the remains of any downed allies. The different configurations are retrofitted with weaponry that has been salvaged and re-appropriated for these particular units, allowing them to stave off the enemy as they extract what scraps remain of their fallen comrades.

Airfield Accessory Pack

The airfield outside of Zverograd is a wide open expanse of land, making cover extremely hard to come by for the Axis troops who are trying to hold this valuable military target. Quonset huts are easy to erect and provide protection from the elements and enemies alike. A cluster of these huts in an open area like the Zverograd airfield can make all the difference for Axis troops.

Operation “Icarus” includes four quonset hut sections, and the Airfield Accessory Pack brings six more sections to your battles on the airfield. More huts mean greater protection from enemy assault, and more options for creating strategic arrangements of cover.

Premium Pre-Painted Versions

If you want to bring your units to the field pre-painted and battle ready, then pick up our professionally painted versions of these units from our line of Dust Premium-Edition Miniatures . Each Dust Premium unit is professionally painted according to the art schemes of Vincent Fontaine, the art director of Dust Studio.

Whether you pick up the detailed, pre-painted models on our webstore or give the standard versions your own paint-job, the KV47 Recovery & Demolition Walker , Horten HO-347 , and the Airfield Accessory Pack are all now available at your local retailer!

Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures game of brutal combat for 2-4 players. Based on the popular universe created by artist Paolo Parente, Dust Tactics presents an alternate 1940s reality in which alien technology fuels gigantic machines of war, and the world's superpowers clash over rare mineral deposits that could ultimately decide the outcome of WWII.

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