Emil and Ivar had just begun reloading the mortar mounted on the back of their vehicle when they heard the explosion from the front lines. A tank was obliterated, but there was movement in the rubble. An Axis zombie, eyes alive with malevolent purpose, clawed its way out of the debris, snarled something in German, and rushed the SSU platform with a mine clutched to its chest. Another deafening boom sounded, and the Ubertoten was knocked to the ground, its mine detonating in a blinding flash as an Allied bomber veered away from SSU gunfire. Ivar and Emil sat in stunned silence for a moment, then quickly snapped into action when the radio crackled to life with new target coordinates.

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announced three new units for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare ! The three factions are each bringing something new to the battlefield. Zverograd is still a hotly contested military target, and each army is looking to find an advantage. The Allies want to secure their supremacy in the air, the Axis is fielding more Ubertoten, and the innovative SSU continue to find new ways to leverage their limited resources.

The Allies Rule the Skies

The Allies have the largest air fleet of all the factions, though they have recently been given a tough time by the Axis’ jets. The Allies have been hard at work developing a means to meet this new threat: the P-48 . The P-48 Pelican is capable of taking off with a very short runway, making this light and versatile fighter very quick to deploy on any new battlefield. The Pelican is equipped with Triple Dual .50 cal machine guns that give it a serious edge against enemies in the air and quickly eats through infantry.

The  P-48C Pelican configuration known as Diving Dotty

The Pelican was first put to work as a dive bomber in its P-48C configuration, affectionately known to the Allies as “ Diving Dotty .” The P-48C is capable of providing great ground support against infantry while fending off enemy fliers with its heavy machine guns alone. Diving Dotty really shines when it leverages its powerful 500 kg bombs, which can wipe out tanks and troops alike in a fiery explosion. Daredevil pilots dive as low as possible for extra accuracy in using these devastating explosives.

Bellowing Bertie, the P-48X Pelican configuration

In contrast to the P-48C , the P-48X , or “ Bellowing Bertie ,” prefers to deal death from a distance. Bellowing Bertie makes use of the same heavy machine guns as its predecessor, but is equipped with powerful Ground Rockets that let it strike from a longer range than Diving Dotty . These devastating rockets are a reliable and powerful way to clear a path for any Allied ground forces needing to cut through enemy tanks and troops.

Either of these Pelican configurations are sure to add a great deal of firepower to your airborne Allied forces.

Seeking a Second Death

The Axis has recently deployed their powerful undead Ubertoten on the field of battle. These sentient undead soldiers were created by injecting the Wiederbelebungsserum into live subjects rather than corpses. While this process grants the soldiers greater physical gifts, some soldiers have found the burden of their abominable un-life too great to bear. These souls looking for death’s release volunteer for the Ubertoten Suicide Squad .

The explosive Ubertoten Suicide Squad

The Ubertoten Suicide Squad is armed to the teeth with Magnetic Mines designed to do damage to tanks at close range. They also wield Panzerfaust 100s which they use to soften their targets before charging in to detonate their mines. These troops have less than no regard for their safety, as they try to blow up themselves with their targets. The Ubertoten Suicide Squad are a terrifying and effective presence on the field of battle, and will work as an excellent anti-tank measure in your Axis army.

Cheap and Effective are a Great Combo

The SSU is always working to find ways to support their tremendously effective infantry with more firepower. The BR 47 Self-Propelled Weapon Platform has proven an inexpensive and potent method for bringing some anti-tank weapons to the battlefield. This light vehicle evolved from little more than a farm machine into a staple of the SSU forces.

The Red Fury version of the Self-Propelled Weapon Platform

The BR 47-100 Self-Propelled Weapon Platform configuration, known as the " Red Fury ," is wielding a massive 100 mm M1946. This gun is capable of dealing damage to even the heaviest tanks and hardiest infantry. A few BR 47-100 s can hold the line against much more powerful targets, dealing effective damage while the enemy attempts to close the distance.

The Red Rain configuration of the Self-Propelled Weapon Platform

If your SSU forces have another method of holding the line and a team of Observers in the field, then the BR 47-200 Self-Propelled Weapon Platform brings a cheap and effective artillery weapon to the field. Known as the "Red Rain ," this vehicle carries a 200 mm Heavy Mortar. The cost-effective Red Rain can sit comfortably behind enemy lines and strike a spotter’s targets with deadly effect without ever getting in the line of fire.

Pre-Painted Premium Miniatures for all Three Factions

Each faction is bringing a variety of new forces to the field, and FFG also offers Dust Premium Edition pre-painted models for each of these units’ configurations. Get Diving Dotty in that beautiful shade of blue, see the Red Rain in vivid detail, or bring painstaking painted suicidal Ubertoten to the field. Each of our Dust Premium Edition figures is painted according to the detailed art schemes developed by Vincent Fontaine, the art director of Dust Studio.

Each of these units brings something interesting to the struggle for dominance in Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare , so plan to pick up your favorite faction’s reinforcements in the near future!

Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures game of brutal combat for 2-4 players. Based on the popular universe created by artist Paolo Parente, Dust Tactics presents an alternate 1940s reality in which alien technology fuels gigantic machines of war, and the world's superpowers clash over rare mineral deposits that could ultimately decide the outcome of WWII.

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