It is the year 1947, and World War II continues to rage and spread to new battlefields. In the streets of Zverograd, the SSU mount a desperate defense against Allied and Axis forces. From the tops of the city’s few remaining buildings, soldiers fill the air with bullets and pave the streets with blood. Combat walkers march through the alleyways and dominate city squares. Amidst the chaos of crossfire, army commanders on all sides seek new ways to seize control of key tactical locations.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of the Axis Armored Transport and the SSU’s KV-3 Heavy Walker , two tough new units for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare !

Axis Armored Transport

Axis generals respond to the ubiquitousness of enemy fire by deploying their new Axis Armored Transport . This hulking transport unit is a new sight on battlefields around the world, and its ability to shelter valuable infantry as it carries them safely past light rifle fire has granted new tactical advantages to the Axis military.

Axis engineers have developed two primary configurations for the Armored Transport , each of which features Advanced Reactive Fire, Carry Capacity: 6, and six hit points to keep troops out of harm’s way.

The first configuration, the Prinzluther marks the game’s debut of the Command Vehicle skill. Any unit with the Command Squad skill or NCO Command Squad skill that takes shelter within its plated hull can still communicate with the outside world via the Prinzluther ’s modern communications arrays, antennas, and radars. Furthermore, such a squad gains additional benefit from this extensive collection of communications technology. Not only can a squad issue directives from safely within the vehicle’s interior, it may, once per round, reroll any failed die results when checking to see if it can successfully use one of its special abilities.


The success of the Prinzluther inspired the transport’s second configuration, the Sturmprinz . The Sturmprinz is becoming ever more popular among Axis officers fighting in rough terrain. Its mobility and large transport capacity has made it one of the most popularly requested vehicles among Axis battle groups worldwide. More heavily armed than the Command variant, the Sturmprinz can transport six soldiers on the inside with its Carry Capacity, and can still carry six more Tank Riders on the outside. While only those soldiers riding on the inside receive full protection, those on the outside can use their weapons and help safeguard the Sturmprinz itself.


KV-3 Heavy Walker

Meanwhile, the SSU gains traction on the battlefield with another powerful walker capable of flushing out their foes and then holding the ground they secure. Built up from the chassis of a captured Axis “Luther,” reinforced, and equipped with the SSU’s most effective armaments, the KV-3 Heavy Walker can be configured into either the Babushka , a lethal anti-infantry machine, and the Matrioshka , which provides SSU armored divisions with a solid antitank unit.

Proud heir to a long line of heavy tanks, the KV-3 M “Babushka” was designed to break up infantry assaults with its brand new rapid-fire guns. This powerful walker can level an incredible amount of firepower against troops and lightly armored targets, though it lacks reliable antitank weapons. Nonetheless, the Babushka has enough health to weather a few shots, which is all it needs to make short work of enemy infantry.

KV-3 M “Babushka”

Considered by many in the SSU to be the best caliber antitank weapon ever designed, the 152mm gun, once adapated and married to the first captured “Luther” by SSU engineers, gave birth to the famed KV-152 series. Afterwards, Soviet engineers went further, adapting it to the newly developed KV-3 chassis. Thus, the model “K” was born, and it quickly proved itself to be a deadly machine. Now, the KV-3 K “Matrioshka” is now requested by nearly all SSU armored divisions. This solid antitank unit is designed to go head-to-head against enemy armor, and it does its job well.

KV-3 K “Matrioshka”

Together, the Babushka and Matrioshka create a force that few enemies are capable of withstanding. In tandem, these two walkers rip apart troops and vehicles alike, making the KV-3 a winning addition to SSU forces engaged in the world’s deadliest war zones.

Pre-Painted Premium Miniatures March Straight to Battle

As soon as these Dust Tactics units are available at retailers near you, we’ll also have professionally pre-painted versions available on our webstore through our Dust Tactics Premium line. Each Premium Edition miniature is painstakingly detailed according to the art scheme developed by Vincent Fontaine, master painter and Dust Studio’s Art Director. These Premium Edition miniatures are as close as you can get to the world of Dust Tactics without having to seek shelter from incoming mortars and laser fire!

Whether you wish to customize your own vehicles or field any army of battle-ready, pre-painted Premium Edition units, these upcoming expansions add muscle to your army. Look for the Axis Armored Transport and KV-3 Heavy Walker to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures game of brutal combat for 2-4 players. Based on the popular universe created by artist Paolo Parente, Dust Tactics presents an alternate 1940s reality in which alien technology fuels gigantic machines of war, and the world's superpowers clash over rare mineral deposits that could ultimately decide the outcome of WWII.

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