The last of the Axis zombies shuddered to a halt, wreathed in flames from the BBQ Squad’s flamethrowers. One of the men moved quickly to smother the flames with a canvas tarp. Several men collapsed from exhaustion. The men of the BBQ Squad had been fighting all day, all week, all month. They allowed themselves a brief rest before Captain Joe Brown coughed to clear his throat. “All right, men. Back on your feet. The Axis aren’t vacationing,” he said. “They’re just planning their next strike. If anything, this war’s just about to escalate.”

June has nearly drawn to a close, and so have the battles of the Dust Tactics Regional Championship season. However, the end of the Regional Championships doesn’t mark the end of the tournament season; it’s just now kicking into high gear as we head toward the colossal confrontations and thrilling competitions of the North American Championships at Gen Con Indy . And the action doesn’t stop there. The tournament season doesn’t end until the last shots are fired during the climactic Dust Tactics World Championship tournament at the FFG World Championship Weekend , November 9th - 12th in Roseville, MN.

The Red Invasion

The 2012 Regional Championship season has been a tremendous success. We’ve received Regional Championship tournament results from across the globe, and we’re happy to see that participation in these Dust Tactics tournaments has grown with the game’s recent releases.

But the war still rages! As Axis and Allied forces deploy massive combat walkers to contest battlefields across the globe, the SSU’s military intelligence organization, SMERSH, has enabled the Red Army to join the war on equal footing, having unlocked the secrets of walker technology. Accordingly, Dust Tactics players will have the chance to bring their SSU armies to the competitions at Gen Con Indy’s North American Championships and FFG’s World Championship Weekend.

North American Championships at Gen Con Indy

Gen Con Indy is the original, longest running, and best attended gaming convention in North America, and it’s also the site of this year’s Dust Tactics North American Championship tournament.

The next step up from our Regional Championships, the North American Championship tournament is a highly competitive, top-level event that draws participants from locations far and wide. The event features unique, high-level prize support, as well a the final chance for players to win first-round byes and free entry to our FFG World Championship Weekend in November.

Be sure to join us Friday, August 17th for the North American Championship tournament :

Join us at Gen Con 2012 and make your mark at FFG's North American Championships!

Louis Gentile and 2011 Dust Tactics World Champion Christopher Smith meet in the finals at Gen Con Indy 2011

FFG World Championship Weekend

After Gen Con Indy, the world’s greatest generals must set their sights on the climactic Dust Tactics showdown at the FFG World Championship Weekend !

Players from across the world will gather this November 9th - 12th in Roseville, MN at the FFG Event Center to compete in the Dust Tactics World Championships. You’ll need a veteran army and a clear plan of attack in order to carry the day. Assemble your troops now, and prepare for a campaign that is sure to test your mettle. When the dust clears, only one general can claim the title of Dust Tactics World Champion.

And then…what’s better than annihilating your foes? The Dust Tactics World Champion wins the opportunity to work with Paolo Parente and the developers to design a miniature for the game! Furthermore, Paolo Parente and Vincent Fontaine will provide the winner with a custom, painted, one-of-a-kind version of the miniature he designs!

Updated Tournament Rules

The updated Dust Tactics tournament rules (pdf, 909 KB) are now available on the game’s support page and will go into effect July 1st, after the conclusion of the Regional Championship season. Updated army lists are also available on the Dust Tactics support page.

Plan for Victory!

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”
Sun Tzu

The Regional Championship season is drawing to a close, and now is your chance to get a jump on your opposition for the year’s biggest tournaments. The SSU invasion is about to make a massive impact on the world of Dust Tactics , so download your copy of the updated Dust Tactics tournament rules (pdf, 909 KB), review the newly released units , and start building your army!

Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures game of brutal combat for 2-4 players. Based on the popular universe created by artist Paolo Parente, Dust Tactics presents an alternate 1940s reality in which alien technology fuels gigantic machines of war, and the world's superpowers clash over rare mineral deposits that could ultimately decide the outcome of WWII.

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