Welcome to another Dust Tactics painting article!

Guest contributor Nam Nguyen returns this week with a step-by-step guide to painting Axis hero, Sigrid Von Thaler, of the Blutkreuz Korps. With her Laser Pistole-B and Berserk ability, Sigrid is a leader who commands respect from her troops and foes alike. 

Nam presents us with instructions to give Sigrid the more dramatic elements of her paint scheme, filled with bold highlights and contrasts.


Nam uses the following paints, listed here as a reference in the order they are applied:
Citadel Badab Black
Citadel Adeptus Battlegrey
Citadel Codex Grey
Citadel Fortress Grey
Citadel Tallarn Flesh
Citadel Elf Flesh
Citadel Skull White
Reaper Master Series Misty Grey
Reaper Master Series Blushing Rose
Citadel Chaos Black
Citadel Boltgun Metal
Citadel Mithril Silver
Citadel Shadow Grey
Reaper Master Series Snow Shadow

Step One–Uniform

The uniform is the most prominent part of the model, so I painted it first. Wash Badab Black directly over the model. Then apply Adeptus Battlegrey, taking care to leave the shadows in the crevices and folds.


The first highlight of Codex Grey is applied on the tops of the folds. A second and final highlight of Fortress Grey is applied at the tips of the previous highlights.

Step Two–Skin

Apply a base coat of Tallarn Flesh for Sigird’s skin. Then, leaving Tallarn Flesh in the Recesses, blend to Elf Flesh. Since female skin is painted lighter than male skin, the Elf Flesh is blended even lighter to Skull White. The eyes are filled in with Misty Grey, and the lips are painted Blushing Rose.

Step Three–Metal and Black

The black is undercoated with Chaos Black while the metal receives Boltgun Metal. All of the other black and metal parts on this mini receive the same treatment as the gun. The black is highlighted with Codex Grey. The metal is washed with Badab Black, then highlighted with Mithril Silver.

Step Four–Fur

I painted the fur with just three simple colors. The base coat is Shadow Grey. Then, I over-brushed Snow Shadow, leaving the Shadow Grey in the recesses. Finally, apply highlights with Skull White.

Thanks, Nam!

You can follow Nam’s step-by-step guidelines, then stride majestically onto the battlefield with a Sigrid Von Thaler made to lead troops to victory. Or you can visit our Dust Tactics community forums to share or look at more painted figures.

The battles in Dust Tactics are fast and furious. Keep checking back on our website for more painting articles, product announcements, and strategy articles–presented to you as the dust settles…

Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures game of brutal combat for 2-4 players. Based on the popular universe created by artist Paolo Parente, Dust Tactics presents an alternate 1940s reality in which alien technology fuels gigantic machines of war, and the world's superpowers clash over rare mineral deposits that could ultimately decide the outcome of WWII.

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