The world of Dust Tactics will soon expand with the introduction of the Revised Core Set ! As the primary focus of the war switches from Antarctica to southern England, Allied and Axis forces each call in the reinforcements. Will the Axis forces overrun England’s Cobden Bridge and gain control of Southampton? Or will new technology, supplied by the secret organization ASOCOM, provide Allied forces the element of surprise they need to repel the Axis invasion?

Fantasy Flight Games is excited by the opportunities the Revised Core Set offers both new and experienced players!

New players will find the Revised Core Set provides them an exciting, comprehensive introduction to the fast, intense battles in an ongoing World War II altered by the introduction of alien technology. Axis and Allied forces have harnessed the alien power source VK to power laser weapons, battle armor, and devastating combat walkers.

How does the Revised Core Set impact Dust Tactics for players already immersed in the game’s alternate 1940s reality? It makes the game bigger, better, and richer with options for every player, including 10 new units and a more balanced and dynamic point system.

New Units

Both Allied and Axis forces grow stronger with new squads, one new walker, and one new hero.

Three new Allied squads assail the Axis with enhanced weaponry and armor. The secret Allied organization ASOCOM sends the high-tech Blackhawk to the front where it races across the battlefield, gunning down the opposition with its dual heavy PIAT cannons. Sergeant Major William Springfield, aka “Rhino,” commands these new forces with a startling ferocity that keeps enemies on their heels.

Meanwhile, the Blutkreuz Korps refuse to be outdone, continuing their research into alien technology. This leads them to the creation of new laser weaponry and resilient battle armor for their new squads, the Heavy Flak Grenadiers, Sturmpionieren, and Heavy Laser Grenadiers. As the combat walker, Hans, scouts the battlefield, bringing its devastating weaponry to bear upon any target it manages to catch unprepared, the Axis commander, Lara Walter, takes advantage of her resilient battle armor and assails foes with her two MG 44 zwei.

Improved Point System

The Revised Core Set implements a new point system for all Dust Tactics miniatures. Based on the enthusiastic reception the official Dust Tactics tournament rules received, we adopted the tournament army point system for the entire game. The new point system is featured in Operation “SeeLöwe” and will remain the standard for all upcoming releases.

The new unit points provide better balance and allow more dynamic game design without changing the overall Dust Tactics experience. Players can adapt their existing units to the new point system simply by downloading the new point values (pdf, 220 KB) for all units released before Operation “SeeLöwe” from the support page . The new point values are also detailed in Operation “SeeLöwe” and will also be available shortly with the Dust Tactics Unit Upgrade Pack .

Two Double-Sided Terrain Posters

The Revised Core Set also comes with two double-sided terrain posters which offer new players a great introduction to the game and provide experienced players with whole new battlefields to conquer, including dramatically new terrain configurations. New terrain symbols, buildings, and a bridge all feature in the “Victory Bridge” scenario book.

Fans of the existing terrain tiles take heart! Fantasy Flight Games continues to support all existing terrain tiles for Dust Tactics , and we plan to release more terrain tiles in the future.

Continued Premium Support

All products released for Dust Tactics will receive continued support in our Dust Tactics Premium line, featuring masterfully pre-painted miniatures. The Revised Core Set is no exception to this rule, and players can look forward to dramatic renderings of each new unit.


Whether the Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set serves as your introduction to the game or provides you an exciting addition to your armies, we hope you find it as exciting as we do! Dust Tactics continues to grow. With its beautiful miniatures, its challenging scenarios, and its furious combat, Dust Tactics has exploded onto the market. Get ready to sustain your fire with the Revised Core Set .

Until the Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set strikes store shelves near you, join the conversations on our community forums and check back here for more information!

Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures game of brutal combat for 2-4 players. Based on the popular universe created by artist Paolo Parente, Dust Tactics presents an alternate 1940s reality in which alien technology fuels gigantic machines of war, and the world's superpowers clash over rare mineral deposits that could ultimately decide the outcome of WWII.

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