Since its debut at Gen Con and subsequent worldwide release, Dust Tactics has received enthusiastic accolades for both its engaging mechanics and its professionally crafted miniatures... and with unpainted and premium painted editions available, players have plenty of options in how to battle for world supremacy.

Dust Tactics is available through retailers, and it features primed, unpainted miniatures with expansions packaged in flexible configurations. Meanwhile, Dust Tactics Premium Edition is part of the Fantasy Flight Collector line available through our webstore (and at select retailers). Aimed at high-end enthusiasts, Dust Tactics Premium Edition offers professionally painted figures, and its expansions are configured with an emphasis on unique visual detail.

What does this distinction mean for current expansions?

Last week, we announced the release of the first four expansions for Dust Tactics . The Gunners and Recon Boys for the Allies, along with Battle Grenadiers and Recon Grenadiers for the Axis, bring additional firepower and adaptability to your forces.

All four of these expansions are currently available in both unpainted and painted sets (at your local retailer or through Fantasy Flight Collector, respectively), but there is one important difference: In the unpainted versions, The Gunners and Battle Grenadiers each include a sixth figure and an additional Unit Card. The premium painted versions of these expansions do not.

Why are they different?

The Dust Tactics expansions were designed with an emphasis on playability and affordability, and the inclusion of an additional figure and Unit Card means more options for fielding your forces. For The Gunners , substituting the extra figure will convert the unit to the Bot Hunters . For the Battle Grenadiers , substituting the extra figure will convert the unit to the Tank Killers . In this way, each of these primed and unpainted expansions essentially offers two unit choices in one box.

Dust Studio has decided that the Dust Tactics Premium Edition expansions, on the other hand, will place an emphasis on the individual paint schemes and character of each unit. For example, The Gunners and the Bot Hunters are separate units in the world of Dust , and each unit has its own uniforms and color schemes. Therefore, offering these two units in a single box would limit the aesthetic distinctiveness that fans of the premium edition expect, and would diminish the overall thematic value of both units.

As a result, the premium painted versions of The Gunners and Battle Grenadiers expansions do not include the extra figure or Unit Card necessary to convert them to the Bot Hunters and Tank Killers , respectively. Instead, separate premium painted versions of both Bot Hunters and Tank Killers will be made available through Fantasy Flight Collector later this winter.

What about upcoming expansions?

In an effort to provide the best possible options for both players and collectors, we will continue to apply the above mentality to future Dust Tactics products. All unpainted expansions that include only one unit will release alongside their premium painted counterparts, as normal. For the rare cases in which an unpainted expansion contains multiple possible unit configurations, each configuration will get its own separate premium painted expansion.

As an example of another such case, two weeks ago we announced the upcoming release of two walker expansions, the Allied Medium Assault Walker and the Axis Medium Panzer Walker . As that announcement stated, each unpainted expansion includes one walker body and multiple weapon attachments, meaning players can configure several distinct walkers with just one purchase.

For Dust Tactics Premium Edition , each walker configuration will release as its own premium expansion, with these stunning miniatures painted according to their unique thematic elements. We’re confident that when you see the final result, you’ll agree that this approach contributes to the most immersive experience possible while providing plenty of options for collectors.

Keep watching our website for more on Dust Tactics and Dust Tactics Premium Edition , and look for the expansion that’s right for you at your local retailer or on our webstore!

Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures game of brutal combat for 2-4 players. Based on the popular universe created by artist Paolo Parente, Dust Tactics presents an alternate 1940s reality in which alien technology fuels gigantic machines of war, and the world's superpowers clash over rare mineral deposits that could ultimately decide the outcome of WWII.

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