The guild intrigues of Cadwallon: City of Thieves grow even richer with the treasure trove of new adventures, characters, equipment, and Arcana in The King of Ashes expansion!

In our last preview , we looked at the ways the rules had changed for the thieves lurking in the streets of Cadwallon. This time around, we’ll introduce some new faces, and get reacquainted with some old friends and enemies alike. With the lure of the legendary treasure room of Sophet Drahas to be found in the Catacombs (which we’ll explore in-depth in a future preview), new mercenaries flock to the city of Cadwallon to try their luck at making off with the riches below the streets!

New Mercenary Characters

Each gang has a brand new mercenary character that can be swapped out for one of the gang members from the standard game. Here’s a rundown of the new recruits:

The Executioners have found Chufflock, a tall, black-cloaked figure wielding a giant axe. If Chufflock defeats another thief in battle, fleeing is not an option for his unfortunate opponent. The loser is sent immediately to the Prison deep in the darkness of the Catacombs.

The mysterious Lucius comes to the aid of the Nocturnis Gang. Lucius’ high collar, wide-brimmed hat, and glasses almost entirely obscure the man’s face, but one thing about him is immediately apparent: Lucius is armed to the teeth. The thief’s entire body is bristling with weaponry, and Lucius can start the game with any one piece of equipment he chooses.

Kaldern’s Gang has managed to secure the services of the illustrious ambassador Iraem. A smooth talker with powerful connections, if the brilliant Iraem should ever find himself in trouble with the law, he can easily walk out of the Prison of the Catacombs at no cost any time he likes!


Finally, The Cursed Ones have enlisted the fearsome Shaana, a vicious and brutal warrior. Among thieves, most encounters are won with little real harm to either party. The battles are quick and decisive, with the loser fleeing the scene to fight another day. Shaana’s opponents are not so lucky. Any combatant that loses a battle with this powerful warrior gains a Wound after retreating from the battle, and the defeated player must spend an action point to heal before that character can be activated again.

Apart from these gang-specific recruits, the two Incarnate heroes from the base game are back with new skills and modified stats. If a player isn’t interested in his gang’s new mercenary, these two heroes are now for hire. Isabeau is more mobile than ever before, but has let her combat and thieving skills slip a bit. Isabeau brings a rare wisdom to the group, however, and each time she wins a battle as an attacker, the group wins an experience point. Sienne is also back in action for the new adventure. She sacrifices a point from her Move stat, but Sienne’s keen senses allow her to secretly examine two Exploration tokens at the start of her activation in any given round.

Meaner Militia

In a direct response to the new talent flooding into the gangs of Cadwallon, the Militiamen have stepped up their game as well. Valrut and Kornak are back to foil your plans, and have been promoted to Chief Valrut and Captain Kornak. With their new titles come greater authority, and losing a battle to these two louts now gets you clapped in irons and locked up in the Prison of the Catacombs. The two militiamen also make sure to relieve you of two ducats for their trouble.

Cadwallon has also changed up the militia’s method of patrolling the dangerous streets of the city. When a player draws an arcana card at the start of their turn, they have to check the color of the back of the new card on the top of the arcana deck. If the card is blue, the militiaman doesn’t move. If the back is purple, then Kornak or Varut can move up to four spaces.

With a stronger militia and treasure-hungry mercenary characters both old and new, sparks are sure to fly in the new The King of Ashes expansion for Cadwallon: City of Thieves . Don’t miss our next preview article, where we’ll be exploring the Catacombs and come face to face with the fearsome Cyclops of Mid-Nor!

Cadwallon: City of Thieves is a fast-paced board game of cunning thievery and ruthless skullduggery in a fantasy city steeped in magic and intrigue. Two to four players each control their own gang of four thieves, competing to amass the greatest haul of loot from the many carefully locked chests scattered about the city.

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