With the release of Space Hulk: Death Angel - The Card Game quickly approaching, it’s time for another look at the cooperation, chaos, and claustrophobia that await when you and your friends take up arms against the Genestealers!

In our last previews we looked at Action cards , Genestealers , combat , and events . Today we will look at the battle-ready Space Marines and how to utilize their special abilities. Note that every Action card is unique, providing certain Space Marines special abilities when that card is played on them. Discussing the turn as a group before choosing Action cards and how best to use these powerful abilities are both very important parts of the strategy in Death Angel , and, more often than not, it will be your only chance of survival! As an example, let’s jump into a game-in-progress and see what kind of decisions await you in Death Angel .

In this scenario, an Event card was drawn and Brady (who played the lowest numbered Action card that round) was forced to resolve the Instinct portion of the card. After careful consideration (with no deliberation with his team mates), Brady chose to spawn the Genestealers behind Brother Zael (controlled by Anton), who was adjacent to his Brother Claudio and within range of two other Space Marines facing that direction.

(A game in progress...)  

On the next game round, Brady and Anton refer to their available actions for the turn. Since the same Action cannot be played in two consecutive rounds, they are left with two Action cards each for their combat teams. While discussing their plans, Anton points out that he has the Strategize Support card for his purple combat team. Since Brother Zael has a swarm of 2 Genestealers breathing down his back, this would be a prime time to utilise the special ability on that card. However, he also has a Forward Scouting Move + Activate card that would allow him to turn Zael around and check out the next Event card to plan for the next turn.

While Anton ponders his next move, Brady knows something has to be done about the Genestealers behind Zael and the newly spawned Genestealer in front of Brother Claudio. He has a Reorganize Move + Activate card that would get Brother Zael out of the way of danger (as well as get Goriel into the action), but it still wouldn’t get rid of those pesky Genestealers this turn.

On the other hand, Brady’s remaining Heroic Charge Attack Action card looks very tempting. With the guaranteed proposition of slaying three Genestealers, the possible threat of losing Brother Claudio seems very much worth it. The odds are stacking up against the Space Marines, and Brady finds the prospect of Brother Claudio valiantly giving his life to ensure the success of the mission more and more appealing.

After weighing these options, Anton decides to pick Strategize, placing the Action card face down in front of him. To make the best use of his Action, he urges Brady to Attack this round. Brady gladly chooses his Heroic Charge card and places it face down in front of him. When they resolve their actions, Anton does so first since Strategize has the lower number on it. Anton orders his purple combat team to support Brother Noctis, who is also in a dire situation at the front of the formation. Now, following the special ability of “Strategize” Anton may now move the swarm of Genestealers that are behind him onto Brother Claudio’s position, lining them up for a terrible demise.

Brady resolves his Heroic Charge Attack action card next, first giving Brother Goriel (his other yellow Space Marine) the chance to shoot down one of the three Genestealers engaged with Brother Claudio. Unfortunately, Brother Goriel’s aim is off and he fails to slay any Genestealers. Finally, it’s time for Brother Claudio’s special ability...

In a last ditch effort to keep his fellow Space Marines from falling under the claws of the swarm, Brother Claudio leaps directly into the Genestealers he’s engaged with. Armed with deadly lightning claws, he is able to quickly slay all three Genestealers, but now he must roll anything but a zero to survive the hand-to-hand onslaught.

Both players hold their breath as Brady rolls the combat die...

Don’t drop your guard! The mission is about to begin, so prepare for your briefing. Next time, the rules of Death Angel will be revealed!

Space Hulk: Death Angel - The Card Game is a cooperative card game for 1-6 players. Set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, players take on the roles of Space Marines pitted against the increasing hordes of Genestealers.

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