Constantinopolis , a board game of high trade in the Byzantine Empire, is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore !

The year is 653 A.D. The place is Constantinopolis, the greatest trading city of the Byzantine Empire. Strategically located between the Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara at the point where Europe meets Asia, Constantinopolis is extremely important as the successor to ancient Rome and is the largest and wealthiest city in Europe. It is known as the Queen of Cities.

You are a great merchant of the city, and this is your time. Your canny business maneuvers will leave the ships of your competitors stuck in the shoals while you rise to vast wealth and preeminence in Constantinopolis. Work to acquire goods, ship them, and sell them faster and cheaper than your competitors…and ultimately become the most successful entrepreneur in the city!

Constantinopolis features a colorful game board and five detailed player sheets to immerse you in the intriguing world of Byzantine trade. With over 125 tiles and tokens, as well as more than 150 cards and 125 wooden pieces, Constantinopolis is an engaging and accessible entry into the world of European-style board games.

Head to your friendly local retailer and grab your copy today!

In Constantinopolis , 2–5 players vie to become the most influential merchant in the city of Constantinopolis. Players deliver goods and passengers overseas, sell goods at home, donate to the city, and finance public buildings to become the wealthiest and most popular merchant in Constantinopolis. Wealth and acclaim await you!

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