DungeonQuest , FFG's take on the classic board game of brutal dungeon exploration, has been dispatching would-be heroes for nearly three months. But while it offers a challenging and replayable dungeon-delving experience set in the vibrant fantasy world of Terrinoth, you may not be aware that it offers even more: additional material for Runewars , Runebound , and Descent: Journeys in the Dark ! All six DungeonQuest characters (the figures of which are the same scale for all four games), come with cards for each of those games!

But even if you already knew that, perhaps you’ve been curious about the specifics. Today, we’re pleased to offer an in-depth look at the characters from DungeonQuest and what they bring to Runewars .

“In the dark and untamed places of Terrinoth dwells my tribe, a proud and fierce sisterhood of warriors. For ages, we have stood self-sufficient and have had no need for the world of men. But each day the outside world encroaches further into our wilds. I have seen their weapons and magical artifacts. I have seen the treasures that could ensure my sisters will survive when we can no longer stand apart from the outside world. The others in my tribe say I am a fool, but once I have enough gold, I will return to my people with magic and steel. A fool I may be, but my sisters must survive.”

Tatianna, a neutral-aligned hero, is a particularly nimble ranger who’s adept at grabbing loot and then avoiding the consequences. If added to your character lineup, she’ll be among the most dextrous characters in Runewars, boasting an impressive Agility rating of five. And although she shouldn’t be underestimated in combat, she has the additional ability of being able to cancel duels altogether. This means she’s ideally suited to complete an agility-based quest, then make the long trek back to a stronghold with less fear of being “mugged” on the way (and imagine if you also managed to get her the Cloak of Deception !).

Hugo the Glorious
“I, Hugo the Glorious, plan to achieve an enduring fame unlike anything that has been known before. Other Knights of Kellos might be happy enough to boast of duels won or giants defeated, but I will put these stories to shame when I stand in the feast hall and tell of my mighty deeds. When I stand before them a war hero, men will gasp, women will swoon, and children with cower with terror. No one who hears of my legendary quest will ever forget the name Hugo the Glorious!”

Taking the opposite approach is Hugo the Glorious, a neutral-aligned hero who will want to pick fights with opposing adventurers as often as possible. Every time he gains a new reward card, this battlefield bully gets to train an Attribute! This, in turn, may very well lead to greater success in acquiring even more reward cards, which will let him train again... and so on. His foes would do well to break this vicious cycle as early as possible!

“The many years of an elf’s life can weigh heavily upon him. From village to village I have wandered, hearing the sad tales of lost children, spouses, friends, and loved ones who have thrown their lives away fighting the dark forces of Terrinoth. I will endure it no longer. Once and for all, those who would cast the land in darkness must be stopped, and order must be restored.”

Another hero with a knack for training is Lindel, a good-aligned elf who is dedicated to ridding the world of the forces of evil. His centuries walking the earth give him a broad range of experiences, and over that time he has learned how to survive through painstaking trial and error. This theme is represented in his special ability, which lets him learn something new from every failure. This, along with a healthy amount of training, will give an edge when it comes to Attributes.

Brother Gherinn
“The priests of Kellos took me in and gave me shelter. They asked me nothing of the many heinous crimes in my past. But like all members of the Brotherhood, in time I had to face the purifying fire, and all my many transgressions became evident in the form of scars and burns over much of my body. I am a different man, now. I follow a different path, but I cannot forget my past. Only an act of true bravery, recovering the dragon runes and putting an end to this war, will free me from the shadows of my past.

Brother Gherinn is a powerful good-aligned priest of Kellos who is dedicated to performing penance. A firm believer in the cleansing flames of his order, Brother Gherinn’s faith in the light of Kellos gives him the power to smite his foes. He’s able to call down fire from the heavens... though he remains always uncertain which combatant the gods will deem worthy.

Challara and Brightblaze
“The roots of my noble family can be traced back long before the Dragon Wars. Some of the treasures scattered across the realm came from my ancestors, stolen by thieves and tyrants alike. The knowledge that my inheritance may be in the hands of my enemies has vexed me my whole life. I will use all of my considerable abilities to acquire the dragon runes, and when I have them, I will use their power to ensure my family’s dominance forever.”

Challara, accompanied by her loyal pet Brightblaze, scours Terrinoth in search of her family’s lost wealth. And if she claimed a bit extra, who would stop her? This evil-aligned sorceress is perfect for harassing enemy heroes; by sending Brightblaze out to scout for enemies, she can start duels against foes in adjacent areas! Beware of Challara should she ever acquire the mythical Wings of Regrowth ... then, no one could hide from her wrath!

“Why should I worry? Haven’t found a fight yet that left me on the ground. So you say this war will be bloody, eh? Heh! To me a battle is just a good excuse to hit something. If I need to work for some noble so that I get to fight, so be it. But the hitting, that’s the important bit.”

Finally, the evil-aligned dwarf Krutzbeck is a berserker who’s always spoiling for a fight. His remarkably high Strength Attribute makes him deadly when wielding weapons like the Rage Blade or Frost Axe , but his foes have even more to fear than that: Krutzbeck has only to occupy the same area as an opponent to deal damage!

When they’re not risking their lives seeking the Dragonlord Kalladra’s treasure, these six heroes stand ready to serve your army collecting the power of the dragon runes. Try them out in your next epic game of Runewars !

Runewars is an epic board game of conquest, adventure, and fantasy empires. Two to four players raise armies, gather resources, and race to collect the elusive and powerful dragon runes in the high-fantasy universe of Runebound.

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