A cloud of leathery wings descended from the gray skies, swooping low over Baron Cathor’s company. They were bats, unnaturally large and numbered in the thousands. Their unearthly screeches startled the horses, causing more than a few knights to be thrown from their mounts. “Steel yourselves!” the baron commanded. He crashed his gauntleted fist against his shield, attempting to scare off the swarming bats. His men joined him and soon the black cloud dissipated. A horsed figure approached from the haze ahead.
“The undead have built a stronghold,” Sir Valadir stated confidently, motioning to the mists from which he had emerged. “Looks like you might have arrived too late again, Lord Cathor.” He smiled mockingly. A rumble came from behind the company, catching Sir Valadir’s eye. Three hulking war machines appeared through the gloom, followed by an even larger force of knights liveried in Cathor’s green and silver, carrying the Daqan banners of war.
Baron Cathor checked his horse and motioned for Sir Valadir to stand aside. “I would say we were right on time then, wouldn’t you?”

Continuing in a series of strategy articles for  Runewars , we will now look at the final faction in the game: the Daqan Lords. Previously we looked at the brutality of the Uthuk Y'llan , then the influential Latari Elves , and the decaying hordes of Waiqar the Undying . Now it's time to look at the versatile Daqan Lords. 
The Daqan Lords are arguably the most balanced faction in Runewars . With three starting influence, two tactic cards, and a capable military, these barons are prepared and able to adapt to the shifting tides of war. While their strength lies in their versatility, their jack-of-all-trades approach can also be their downfall. This strategy article will help you to use their balanced nature to tilt the war in your favor, which requires a vigilant watch over your neighbors.
Set-up is a crucial stage of the game for the Daqan Lords. Take a look at what resources are available to you right away - meaning, within reach without overreaching and opening yourself up for attack. If food is plentiful, secure that hex and build a stronghold immediately. Then on your next harvest order, build a resource development. Regardless of your chosen strategy, you’ll want to build up an army quickly and you’ll need food to feed them. 

The first year is a good time to determine what your opponents’ strategies are. If opposing armies are being mustered it would be wise secure the Lord Commander of the Warrior’s Guild title as soon as possible. Since you have three starting influence, this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge, but be sure to replenish your influence so you can retain this title. It will be important when rune tokens start popping up around you. In addition, be sure to secure your strongholds with a couple Reinforced Walls developments to protect your holdings.
Also, be sure to snatch up enough ore and wood to build your siege towers, which help you invade some opposing strongholds (particularly ones that have rune tokens in the same hex, if you manage to maintain your title card).
If a military approach does not look good early in the game, the Daqan Lords have a good head start on influence. Depending on your objective, surely one of the three title cards will be key to achieving it. Acquire power early in the game while you bolster your defenses. Keep your armies close together and create a wall to keep your opponents from invading your home realm while you slowly set out to achieve your objective. Use your heroes to your advantage by scouting out hidden rune tokens and keep a few tactics cards handy, which can be done by taking advantage of your knights in battle. 

Overall, play off of your opponents. If you only worry about your own part in the war, you will easily open yourself up to your enemies. Since the Daqan Lords do not have an overall strength like the other factions, its important to watch the opposition and adapt to their decisions. 

Runewars is an epic board game of conquest, adventure, and fantasy empires. Two to four players raise armies, gather resources, and race to collect the elusive and powerful dragon runes in the high-fantasy universe of Runebound.

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