In the center of the encampment stood a structure of torn flesh, sheltering Waiqar’s high generals. Varikas the Dead reined in his shadowed steed and dismounted, striding quickly into the command tent. Inside, the pale, violet glow that surrounded Waiqar the Undying was the only light that illuminated the strewn maps and bloodied parchment; as well as the pile of gathered dragon runes. Waiqar turned.

“You are late,” he drawled, his withered hand motioning Varikas forward.
“I have found it,” Varikas hissed, his black armor creaking as he approached. He produced a map. “The Latari hold the final rune in Dawnsmoor, and the Uthuk continue to press them. Both armies are vast.” Varikas leaned in frighteningly close to Waiqar. “Give me command. I will retrieve it.”
Waiqar stared at him for a long moment, and then he slowly shook his head. He motioned to a cloaked figure hidden in the shadows, bringing the necromancer forward.
“I will leave that in more capable hands,” Waiqar said wickedly. “Many...more capable hands.”
As the Realms of Terrinoth event grows ever closer, the time has come for another strategic look at one of the factions of Runewars . Previously we discussed the importance of Tactic cards while playing as the Uthuk Y’llan, and more recently we saw how influential the Latari Elves can be. Today we are going to venture into the blackened wastes and learn how the undead can lead Waiqar to absolute victory.
Waiqar players have a lot of options before them. However, two elements of the faction are undeniably integral to making the most of this shambling horde: Necromancers and Reanimates.
At first glance, the units available to Waiqar the Undying are not altogether impressive. With two of the four unit types being triangle and three units only able to take one wound each, it would seem that Waiqar players would be unable to rely on a military approach to victory. However, if used effectively, Waiqar’s armies can wreck havoc on other dragon rune seekers.
First, let us look at the units available to Waiqar at the start of the game. With two Reanimates, one Necromancer, and one Skeleton Archer, Waiqar has the makings of a fine undead host. The Necromancer’s special ability should definitely be noted. Since the Necromancer is a circle unit type , there will be a higher chance for that special ability to be triggered, bolstering Waiqar’s forces mid-battle. Additionally, since the Reanimates are later in initiative order, they will get to act in the same battle in which they are raised!
Beginning placement of these units can be crucial. Since the Reanimates and the Skeleton Archer are triangle types, it would be a good idea to separate them into different hexes, as triangle types are more likely to be targeted by special abilities (such as the Dragon’s ability to kill three triangle units). Another thing to consider is where each unit falls in initiative order. Since the Skeleton Archer is first in initiative order, it would be ideal to send him into battle with the Necromancer. That way, the Necromancer has some protection while he tries to muster up some walking corpses.
When expanding your army, take a look at the resource dials . Waiqar doesn’t rely heavily on food to bring more heavy hitters to the table, although it is important to control hexes that provide food so you can feed excess forces during winter. Wood and ore are very valuable to the undead lord, giving him access to Necromancers, the intimidating Dark Knights, and more Tactic cards. Each resource has its distinct advantages, depending on the situation. Wood provides more versatility while ore packs a bigger punch. 
Since Waiqar the Undying starts with three Tactic cards, it is apparent that they are critical to his success. Don’t forget to refresh your hand of Tactics every so often because they provide many additional options. If you start to build up massive groups of Reanimates, the Summon Lightning card will be especially useful. And if you manage to amass a few armies of each unit type, Battle Cry will also help you overpower your foes.
Don’t forget to try out these strategies at the upcoming Realms of Terrinoth event at the Fantasy Flight Event Center. See if these tips can help you can guide Waiqar to victory against Runewars designer Corey Konieczka!
Runewars is an epic board game of conquest, adventure, and fantasy empires. Two to four players raise armies, gather resources, and race to collect the elusive and powerful dragon runes in the high-fantasy universe of Runebound.
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