At long last, the time has finally come for an in-depth look at Runewars , the epic game of strategy, conflict, and adventure in a world of rich and vibrant fantasy! Set in the Runebound universe, you will join in the war for the dragon runes and make your claim to power.
Through our series of previews we've spent plenty of time revealing assorted game mechanics, as well as background details about the colorful and engrossing history of Terrinoth. Today, we open the lid of the box and take a visual tour of this magnificent game led by Christian Petersen, Corey Konieczka and Mark Pollard.
 View the 84.5 MB Quicktime version, here .

Runewars is an epic board game of conquest, adventure, and fantasy empires. Two to four players raise armies, gather resources, and race to collect the elusive and powerful dragon runes in the high-fantasy universe of Runebound.

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