“The air is heavy tonight... something stirs.”
– Mag Kiln, Legate

Midnight Chronicles , Fantasy Flight Games' first ever full-length feature film, is now available On Demand through most cable, satellite, and IPTV providers! Check the list below to determine if your provider offers this captivating story of a world dominated by an oppressive and immortal tyrant.

It has been a hundred years since the Shadow fell…

Based in the dark universe of FFG’s ENnie-award-winning RPG Midnight , Midnight Chronicles tells the story of the legate Mag Kiln, who has been ordered to travel to the small Erenlander town of Blackweir to investigate the disappearance of a fellow priest. Blackweir is an unruly and dangerous place, where a corrupt mayor lines her purse through her own cunning, a mysterious resistance leader known only as “the Hunter” defends the townsfolk while hiding a dark secret, and a simple farm boy begins to discover his own untapped potential.

Along with his witty and roguish companion Kruce, Mag Kiln soon becomes entangled in an old mystery and begins to uncover not only the forbidden legacy of the town, but also the malevolent, prophetic force that grows within him.

Armstrong DTC Cable NuLink
AT&T U-Verse Duo County OneSource
Blue Ridge Enhanced Telecom Panhandle
Bresnan Frontier Pineland
Buckeye Guadalupe Valley RCN
Burlington Telecom HBC (MN) San Bruno
Cameron Hotwire Service Electric (Beth.)
CDE Lightband HTC Suddenlink
Charter Insight Tullahoma Utilities
Cincinnati Bell Iowa Network Services (INS) Valley Communications
CL-Tel (INS) Clear Lake James Valley Verizon FiOs
Click KPU Volcano
Community LUS Fiber Wave
Consolidated Communications Marquette Adams Wilson
D&E Communications Massillon WTC
Dalton Utilities Mediacom
Dish VOD Morristown

Use your cable or satellite provider’s On Demand function, and experience the dark mystery of Midnight Chronicles today!

Midnight Chronicles is FFG's first full-length feature film. Based on the critically acclaimed Midnight RPG, Midnight Chronicles tells the story of heroes struggling in a dark world dominated by an immortal tyrant.

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