“And the time of the second storm shall be preceded by the awakening of the harbinger and of the last king.

They shall be called to a place of secrets forgotten by time and shadow.

There they shall set in motion events that will shake the foundations of the earth and the heavens.”

– The Tale of the BlackWave
by Caradun the Listener

The Shadow, the vile manifestation of the dark god Izrador’s corrupting influence, has oppressed mankind for a century... but heroes still live, and they strive desperately for the liberation of all races. Hope remains, whispered in taverns and alleys... the day will come again.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that the DVD of Midnight Chronicles , FFG’s first full-length feature film, is now available for pre-order through our webstore , or you can pre-order a download of the film through drivethrurpg.com and rpgnow.com !

A milestone for Fantasy Flight Games, Midnight Chronicles tells the tale of two legendary characters, one for the cause of good, the other for the cause of evil. This is the story of their rise and struggle as their destinies become intertwined with that of the world and the dark god that rules it.

The DVD includes exciting behind-the-scene footage and special features. Whether you’re a fan of the acclaimed RPG Midnight or a newcomer to its dark universe, the deep and compelling characters in Midnight Chronicles will draw you in to their dramatic personal struggles and epic battles. Head over to our webstore and reserve your copy today!

Click on the link below to view a trailer for Midnight Chronicles . (Quicktime 9.5 MB)

Midnight Chronicles is FFG's first full-length feature film.  Based on the critically acclaimed Midnight RPG, Midnight Chronicles tells the story of heroes struggling in a dark world dominated by an immortal tyrant.

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