“To bring the Emperor’s Light into the darkness; to bring the unknown to a greater understanding of Him on Earth; this is my calling and in my wake both seeds and ashes are sown.”
      –Luminorem Majoris Skent Taltos

The Koronus Expanse is a perilous place for all those who dare to venture. Today, however, the journey becomes a little less dangerous! The FAQ for Rogue Trader has been updated to version 1.3 (pdf, 1.4 MB), and is now available on our support page .

A Word From the Developer

For more on the updates found in version 1.3, here’s a word from Rogue Trader developer Max Brooke:

The newest incarnation of the Rogue Trader FAQ, compiled based on fan feedback and rules queries, brings the Emperor’s Clarity to a number of issues from the nebulous corners of the Koronus Expanse.

Highlights of this update include improved clarity on certain aspects of Massed Combat in Battlefleet Koronus , enhanced scaling for the Astropath’s Psychic Techniques from the Rogue Trader Core Rulebook, and, of course, the hidden secrets of the Null Bay (supposedly optioned by enterprising Rogue Traders at great cost from the Holy Ordos of the Inquisition itself!) from Hostile Acquisitions.

The enhanced FAQ also adds answers to a number of common queries that have arisen since the last version of the FAQ. This update includes clarifications for Battlefleet Koronus and Hostile Acquisitions in addition to new insights into previously addressed Rogue Trader products from the Core Rulebook forward.

Rogue Trader is a roleplaying game set in dark gothic far future of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe. Players take on the roles of explorers aboard a Rogue Trader's ship, searching for profit and adventure while discovering new alien cultures and threats in the uncharted regions of space.

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