“You think those Orks were bad? Wait till you land on Burnscour, or some of the other worlds out here. You’ll be wishing it was just greenskins coming after you."
     –Arch-Militant Pel Lakken

In December, Fantasy Flight Game announced the upcoming release of The Koronus Bestiary , a supplement for Rogue Trader . This comprehensive tome features art and descriptions for a range of foes, including Shadowkith, Thornmaws, Void Krakens, and others... plus a Xenos Generator that allows players to create alien species as varied and dangerous as they can imagine!

As we mentioned in that announcement, each chapter of The Koronus Bestiary focuses on one type of alien threat. Chapter one examines some of the most dangerous beasts of the Expanse, while chapter two covers the sinister threats posed by sentient xenos. Next, chapter three presents vile warp spawn that prey on the souls of humanity, and chapter four gives players the tools to invent their own formidable enemies. Today, we’re pleased to begin our series of previews with a look at chapter one, and a so-called mindless beast that proves that instinct can be every bit as deadly as intellect.

Danger surrounds you

The Koronus Expanse is home to a great many worlds that have been settled by humans, to various degrees of civilisation. As it is technically beyond the Imperium, it exists in a lawless state where the only rule is what bolter and lance can establish, and property is held for only as long as it can be aggressively defended. Xenos races roam freely, preying on humanity and denying its rightful destiny to rule the void. This is an extremely dangerous region, yet for a Rogue Trader its open nature makes it ripe for exploitation and profit.

Those who would make their means in the Expanse must deal with more than just these threats, however. The Expanse is filled with all manner of bestial creatures, and while these do not present the same kind of dangers as hostile xenos, they are no less hazardous. Each poses new perils for Explorers, as unique as the world it occupies. Many also offer tremendous potential for profit and glory, often of a personal nature impossible when dealing with merchant trading or combat in the void.

Death from above

Even to seasoned hunters, however, some planets may be more trouble than they’re worth. Burnscour is a hellish world on which the very environment is actively hostile. Today, we invite you to download a preview of one of Burnscour’s most formidable predators: the Terrorax. This hunter epitomizes stealth and patience, waiting in the dense jungle canopy for the opportune moment to strike.

Know your enemy. Download our preview of the Terrorax (pdf, 1.4 MB), and look for more on The Koronus Bestiary in the coming weeks. Then, look for it at your local retailer later this quarter.

Rogue Trader is a roleplaying game set in dark gothic far future of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe. Players take on the roles of explorers aboard a Rogue Trader's ship, searching for profit and adventure while discovering new alien cultures and threats in the uncharted regions of space.

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