In a land of fallen beanstalks and wolves in disguise, a group of plucky children band together. United only by their desire to find a way back to reality, they must use their wits and imaginations to face the dark horrors around every corner. But from his throne in the middle of the Great and Awful Forest, the Rotten King, Humpty Dumpty, seeks all the children he can find, manipulating them to exploit their powerful imaginations.

In the RPG Grimm , players take on the roles of children trying to find a way back to the real world. In the meantime, they’ll face the wonder and terror of the worlds and characters made famous by the Brothers Grimm. Now, your portal into this fantastic world of fairy tales has arrived... Grimm is now available for purchase as a pdf download at and ! Head over to our description page to learn more about this exciting setting, then venture into a land of dark fairy tales!

Grimm is a roleplaying game that puts players in control of children trying to escape the dark stories made famous by the Brothers Grimm. Using an innovative system that places the emphasis on storytelling, Grimm invites players to venture into the classic fairy tales of their youth.

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