Greetings, A Game of Thrones fans ! Today, we have another special treat for you: LCG Days’ Joust Tournament winner Luke Reed’s commentary on the deck he played during the LCG Days A Game of Thrones Regional Tournament. Without further ado, Luke Reed!

My Deck

House: Martell
Agenda: Kings of Summer
Restricted Card: Venomous Blade

Loyalty Money Can Buy
A Time for Ravens
Winds of Winter
Fleeing to the Wall
Valar Morghulis

The Viper’s Bannermen x3
The Red Viper (PotS) x1
Arianne Martell x1
The Darkstar x1
Ser Arys Oakhear x1
Varys (KoS) x1
Ellaria Sand x3
House Messenger x3
Maester of the Sun x3
Lost Spearmen x3
Carrion Bird x3
Samwell Tarly x1
The Bastard of Godsgrace x1
Gilly x1
Refugee of the Citadel x3
Orphan of the Greenblood x3

River Row x1
Street of Steel x1
Shadowblack Lane x1
Street of Sisters x1
Summer Sea x3
Water Gardens x2
Palace Fountains x2
Lost Oasis x1
Alchemist’s Shop x2

Game of Cyvasse x3
Burning on the Sand x2
He Calls it Thinking x3
Paper Shield x2
Condemned by the Council x2

Venomous Blade x3
Black Raven x2
A Pinch of Powder x1

Match commentary

“Preparing” might be an overly strong word for the weeks leading up to the A Game of Thrones Regional at LCG days at the FFG Event Center . I don’t like to use the term “lazy” but my deck-building style can best be described as “evolutionary,” and my meta-mates have been teasing me about bringing a new deck for about…six months. The Martell/Summer deck I played was roughly 85% of what I’d been playing on and off for a while, with a shift in emphasis. The deck was born pre-regionals last year as a HyperViper deck using Power of Blood, Lost Oasis and Taste for Blood to claim power quickly.

After seeing the decklist Erick Butzlaff used at DC, and recognizing that Control is really “where my heart lies,” especially when it comes to competitive builds, I pulled the dupes of the Viper, the Tastes, and the extra Oases for Game of Cyvasse. I went with Summer to smooth out my draw and added Samwell Tarly , Gilly and the Maester of the Sun . Other tweaks were the Fleeing (props to Jerod Leupold, 3rd place, whose win over me in testing really influenced the addition), which proved its worth primarily against Greg (the most control build I faced) and the Paper Shields, as I worried about Narrow Escape (which I never saw). My “secret weapon” as it were, was the Alchemist’s Shop . The Deadly helped force challenges through if I was going first, and the STR boost helped on defense, and in playing my Cyvasses. And it gave me the added incentive to play A Pinch of Powder , which I’m partial to, but skeptical of. Worries about Beric helped motivate me, but the only time I used its ability was to return my own Arys to hand before a Valar.

With the exception of the two matches with Greg, all my games went relatively smoothly, finishing between plots 5 or 6, and oftentimes requiring that I hold off on my claim two plots to allow them to acquire power for the taking. Both of my games with Greg were grinding affairs of slightly different variations of Control-heavy Martell builds. Our first game was coming to time on plot 7 or 8, and he conceded the full win to me. Our final match was a 12 round marathon that my card advantage helped with. We were both looking at each other’s dead and discard piles to estimate what the other might have, and in his case, for Maester Qyburn. I survived, and learned from his Valar Dohaeris (brutal when facing Orphans of the Greenblood and Black Cells) before it came around, and we both looked at rounds 11 & 12 expecting two Valars and a Fleeing. In the end, the trusty Red Viper pulled it off with my 0-claim from Valar, but 3 renown, unopposed, and dominance.

Those two tournament rounds were exhausting, but totally made the tournament for me. The community has always been what makes this game great, both in friendship and in competition, and I look forward to many more. If you’ve never made it to a “big event” I would heartily encourage you. It’s a great place to learn, even for the newest beginners.

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