Red November Revised Edition , the cooperative board game of frantic gnomish survival, is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore ! The BFGS Red November is doomed, and you and the rest of the crew along with it...unless you can survive long enough to be rescued.

Revised edition

Red November Revised Edition introduces a larger game board, convenient item cards, and streamlined rules. These few simple enhancements provide players with an even better playing experience, while featuring the best aspects of the original Red November . With more room, accessibility, and rule clarifications, players are sure to enjoy every catastrophe Red November Revised Edition will throw their way.

Tick, tock, tick, tock

In Red November Revised Edition , 1-8 players face nightmares enough for any gnome: fire, floods, missile strikes, and nuclear meltdowns. Control desperate gnome sailors as they struggle against the clock, and work together to complete tasks as efficiently as possible. Rescue might not come soon enough.

Red November Revised Edition features a unique time track mechanic that counts down to “Rescued!” as your gnomes move around the ship, halting calamity, and preparing for the next problem. As your move your gnomes from room to room they can collect supplies to aid them...including grog.

On this submarine drinking on the job is a necessity. The Red November can be lost through a multitude of ways, and the chances of saving your gnomes are slim. Providing your gnomes with grog gains them courage to fight on during their tasks, but make sure your sailors don’t get so drunk they pass out and perish!

With optional rules to adjust the difficulty of play, create paranoia, and try solo play, you can enjoy a variety of different challenges in Red November Revised Edition . Can you balance your time, act fast, and choose the most pressing disaster to fix?

Attempt to the fight through the chaos when you pick up a copy of Red November Revised Edition at your local retailer today!

In Red November , 1-8 players cooperate to keep their gnomish submarine from sinking to the bottom of the sea. With every passing minute, something else goes horribly wrong for these gnomish submariners.  Can you avoid the flooding, fires, nuclear meltdown and hungry kraken outside until help arrives? 

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