Billy Bishop's RAF SE5a "It was very fine to be in a machine that was faster than the Huns, and to know that one could run away just as things got too hot."
- James McCudden, British Ace, on the RAF S.E.5

Fantasy Flight Games, in partnership with Nexus Games, is proud to announce the fourth wave of World War I miniatures for Wings of War , coming this Fall. This wave of 12 new figures, based on four planes introduced during the latter half of World War I, will offer more options for playing this thrilling air combat game in three dimensions and bringing the action of high-speed dogfights alive on your tabletop.

Series IV features four new historically-accurate miniature sculpts based on planes put into action midway through 1917, after the devastating losses suffered by the Royal Flying Corps during April of 1917, known as "Bloody April". Prior to "Bloody April" and in its immediate aftermath, the Imperial German Army Air Service had established superiority over the air forces of Britain and France. Within a few months after this offensive, newer aircraft technology took to the skies and the British and French air forces began to gain ascendancy. The planes featured in this wave of miniatures are based on the first such planes of the French and British comeback.

Releasing with this set are miniatures of the British RAF S.E.5a and the French Breguet 14B.2, as well as the German Rumpler C.IV and the Pfalz D.III. The S.E.5 would see action until the end of the war and would be flown by such pilots as Canada's top ace, Billy Bishop (whose plane is included in this wave). The Breguet 14B.2 would become the first aircraft in mass production to feature a metal frame, rather than wooden frame, in its structure, allowing for more speed, agility, and durability. It would be considered one of the best planes of the war.

On the German side, the Rumpler C.IV, a reconnaissance craft with an exceptionally high ceiling made it able to stay in frontline action until the end of the war due to its ability to stay out of reach of enemy planes. The Pfalz D.III, although inferior to its contemporaries, the Albatros and Fokker, was widely used for its strength and sturdiness, if not for its speed or maneuverability.

With these 12 new planes, you can recreate your favorite dogfights from history, or create new confrontations in the sky. This Fall, prepare to take to the skies once more with the next wave of Wings of War miniatures.

Wings of War is an innovative card game that realistically simulates aerial combat in both World War I and World War II. Add highly detailed miniatures or massive maps to further immerse yourself in the nail-biting action!

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