Return to the skies to fly some of the most dangerous missions of all time with two new expansion sets – Balloon Buster (Johnson/Prince) and Balloon Buster (De Guibert).
Balloons had tremendous practical value during World War I, both as observation platforms and for launching fearsome barrages against ground targets. These giants of the sky were called Drachen, and although they didn't move very quickly the balloons were quite a challenge to bring down.
In April 1916, a specialized rocket was designed to counter these behemoths of the air. The Le Prieur rockets required that a pilot dive straight towards their target, only firing where they were practically right on top of the balloon. The ever present danger of accidentally getting caught in the resulting explosion, and the tricky maneuvering required, led to a special breed of aces known as Balloon Busters!
Each Balloon Buster Expansion Set includes one beautiful Drachen model, a rocket equipped Nieuport 16, plus an assortment of decals to customize your models. The twenty page rules booklet explains how to add balloons and Le Prieur rockets to your Wings of War battles, plus offers a number of exciting new missions so you can jump right in!
The Balloon Buster Expansion Set is not a complete game. A copy of Famous Aces, Watch your Back!, Burning Drachens, or WWI Deluxe Set is required to play.

Wings of War is an innovative card game that realistically simulates aerial combat in both World War I and World War II. Wings of War miniatures are three-dimensional accessories for Wings of War that couple the same revolutionary game play with beautifully-sculpted and historically-accurate models. 

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