Get ready to boost your Wings of War battles with the two latest expansions for Wings of War : World War II – The Last Biplanes and Revolution in the Sky.
Both Squadron Packs have been designed to provide a cost effective way to fly even larger numbers of planes, allowing you to enjoy larger battles with ease. All of the planes introduced in these Squadron Packs are brand new to the game, and will bring exciting new strategies to your Wings of War play experience!
The Last Biplanes Squadron Pack will have you piloting those few agile biplanes that remained active during World War II from Finland to Africa, from the Battle of Britain to the Eastern Front. The two planes detailed in The Last Biplanes expansion are the Gloster Gladiator and the Fiat CR.42 Falco. Also included are the three most famous Gladiators – Faith, Hope, and Charity – that were responsible for the legendary defense of the island of Malta against all odds. The Last Biplanes Squadron Pack is composed of 27 airplane cards and 2 decks of Maneuver cards (J).
The Revolution in the Sky Squadron Pack provides you with the ubiquitous Polikarpov I-16: an aggressive and nimble fighter with a revolutionary design that fought not only in Word War II but also in its rehearsals, the Spanish Civil War, and the Second Sino-Japanese War. The Revolution in the Sky Squadron Pack is comprised of 17 airplane cards and 3 decks of Maneuver cards (K).
These Squadron Packs are not a complete game. A copy of at least one  Wings of War game set that takes place during World War II is required to play.

Wings of War is an innovative card game that realistically simulates aerial combat in both World War I and World War II. Wings of War miniatures are three-dimensional accessories for Wings of War that couple the same revolutionary game play with beautifully-sculpted and historically-accurate models. 

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