Welcome back to the wild blue yonder of World War I, filled with sun, clouds and the hot lead traces of merciless dogfighting!
Wings of War is the award-winning game series that recreates the fast and furious aerial combat of the 20th Century using cards, miniatures and simple yet challenging mechanics. To date there have been three complete Wings of War boxed sets for WWI – Famous Aces, Watch Your Back! and Burning Drachens, as well as four expansions – Top Fighters, Recon Patrol, Dogfight and Immelmann. 
Today we are announcing the upcoming releases for Wings of War WWI. Buzzing across your tabletop in a few months are two brand new blister pack expansions: Hit and Run and Crossfire.
The Hit and Run booster pack will allow you to pilot two famous fighter planes: the SPAD VII and the Aviatik D.I. These fast and powerful airplanes that were piloted by some of the immortal flying aces of World War I, such as Francesco Baracca and Georges Guynemer. The Hit and Run Booster Pack contains 31 airplane cards and 2 decks of Maneuver cards (B and Q).
Crossfire adds four new airplanes to your hangers: the famed two-seater scout Bristol F2B Fighter and the more traditional two-seaters Rumpler C.IV, SAML S.2, and Phönix C.I. These planes fought in the skies all over Europe during World War I and played a vital role in determining the outcome of the War. The Crossfire Booster Pack contains 18 airplane cards and 3 decks of Maneuver cards (K, R, and R).
The Booster Packs are not stand alone products, and will require at least one Wings of War game set that takes place during World War I – Famous Aces, Watch your Back!, Burning Drachens, or WWI Deluxe. 

Wings of War is an innovative card game that realistically simulates aerial combat in both World War I and World War II. Wings of War miniatures are three-dimensional accessories for Wings of War that couple the same revolutionary game play with beautifully-sculpted and historically-accurate models. 

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