Now taking off from your Friendly Local Game Store and the FFG Online Store : Wings of War World War II miniatures series 1! The first twelve plane miniatures for Wings of War: The Dawn of World War II are now available: take to the skies with the RAF's Spitfire , the Luftwaffe's Messerschmitt Bf109 , the US Navy's Wildcat , and the Imperial Japanese Navy's A6M2 Zero .

Your Wings of War World War II air combat card game can now enter a new dimension with these beautifully-sculpted and historically-accurate miniatures. Each 1/200th scale miniature includes its own maneuver deck, so anyone with a Wings of War miniature can participate in an action-packed game of air chases and dogfights!

For more information on the innovative Wings of War game system, visit our Wings of War minisite and take to the skies!


Wings of War is an innovative card game that realistically simulates aerial combat in both World War I and World War II. Wings of War miniatures are three-dimensional accessories for Wings of War that couple the same revolutionary game play with beautifully-sculpted and historically-accurate models.

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