"Aviation is proof that, given the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible."
- Edward Vernon Rickenbacker, World War I Ace

Coming this Summer from Nexus Games and Fantasy Flight Games is the latest expansion for the Wings of War World War I card game and miniatures game: large, durable playmats that feature the countryside below the action in the air.

The Wings of War game mats are large, 98 x 68cm (38.6 x 26.8in), about the size of an average poster, made of a durable rubber foam with fabric bonded to the top, similar to a mouse pad. The game mats are sold as two halves of the same battlefield, East section and West section. Combined, the total size of the battle field is 98 x 136cm (38.6 x 53.6in). The mats can be used as scenario maps for reconnaissance and bombing missions, or as an impressive table covering to enhance your Wings of War experience, immersing you deeper in the rich tapestry of epic duels and heroic effort that took place in the skies during World War I, the birthplace of aerial combat.

Below: the West and East sections of the Wings of War game mats combined.

Wings of War is the innovative card game and miniatures game of World War I air combat. Players take on the roles of famous flying aces from the Great War such as Manfred Von Richthofen and René Paul Fonck and battle for aerial dominance using the revolutionary game mechanics of historically accurate maneuver decks and damage decks.

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