Centuries of war have left the once powerful empire little more than a distant memory. But even as the great races struggle to reclaim some semblance of their former glory, ambition grows unchecked in their hearts. The Twilight Wars have not deterred the great races from their prize; it has only delayed them.

Point of Order, Mr. Speaker

The FAQ for Twilight Imperium , the epic board game of interstellar domination, has been updated!

Now available on the support page , the Twilight Imperium FAQ (pdf, 600 KB) now includes answers pertaining to the Shards of the Throne expansion.

Twilight Imperium is a board game of galactic politics, trade, and warfare. 3-6 players each control an acclaimed civilization, vying for galactic supremacy through any means necessary.  Each civilization provides an entirely different experience with their own individual abilities and play styles. Are you ready for another Age of Twilight?

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