In October, we announced The City , an upcoming expansion for Talisman , the classic board game of magical quests. The City features a supplementary game board, a bustling metropolis that fits against the main Talisman board that can be entered through the City space.

The City features a deck of city-themed adventure cards and a host of shops to provide interesting items for all your questing needs!. Secure a steed from the Stables, pick up Pets or Potions, or head to the Armoury and the Magic Emporium. But adventurers beware, there are plenty of dangers brewing in the streets of the City!

The City’s walls may keep out the beasts and brigands that roam the countryside, but civilization comes with its own dangers and rewards. The City comes with a deck of cards that feature the particular troubles and treasures that the City’s press of people can bring to an adventure.

Threats and Opportunities in the Big City

This bustling metropolis is constantly on the move, and exciting encounters wait around every corner in the form of new Events. Strike a deal with a fellow player on Trading Day , when all characters can trade whatever they wish with each other. Free Samples can be gained if you bump into an itinerant alchemist while exploring, allowing a player to draw three cards from the Potion deck at no cost. Hopefully, you can avoid a run-in with the Grumpy Wizard , a foul-tempered conjurer who forces a player to draw Spell cards until his adventurer can cast the spell against himself. These Events bring the excitement of the City to life as adventurers navigate its surprises.

For newcomers to the City, surprises may hold great gains or harrowing danger. Civilization harbors unique perils for adventurers who roam the streets of the City, and the Enemies encountered in the City are as vicious as any found outside the walls. The common vermin have grown to gargantuan proportions within the more fetid corners of the City, and adventurers may have to contend with a Giant Rat or a Giant Fly . The more devious mechanical artisans that have taken up residence in the City may unleash a fire-breathing Clockwork Dragon upon an unlucky individual. A wise wanderer abroad in the evening would do well to tread lightly around the City’s Night Guard ; they won’t attack unless provoked, and losing to them will land a character in the Jail. Despite the guard’s best efforts, the sounds of combat still ring loud throughout many areas of the City, and it’s a good idea for adventurers to remain wary as they travel the streets.

Not everything in the City is out to kill your characters, however. The City is also a crossroads for all kinds of fascinating people, and the Stranger cards in the City deck depict a wide range of colorful personalities. For the cost of three gold, the Temporal Mage will work his magic and allow a player to take three successive turns in a row. A Shady Dealer accepts gold in exchange for the chance to gain one of the coveted Talismans. The Madcap uses his bizarre magic to change your character’s alignment depending on the roll of a die. If an adventurer happens upon a Weapon Master , he can pay one gold and skip his next turn to gain a point of Strength.

Not every new face in the big City is destined to remain a Stranger. There are many people who are willing to join up with an adventurer’s cause and become one of his Followers. If you’re worried about your character’s Life value, bring a Physician along on the road. A Sellsword can be paid to tackle any threats that come up on your quest. Take in an Urchin to better navigate the twists and turns of the City, allowing a player to roll two dice instead of one for his movement. If you’d like to keep your faith flexible, then bring along the Demagogue to change your character’s Alignment at will.

The City itself has plenty of secrets still to be discovered, and new Places in the City deck will show you all the unique sites scattered throughout the metropolis. There’s more than meets the eye tucked away in these twisted alleys. Stumbling upon a Shortcut will take an adventurer to any shop of his choice. In the darker corners of the City, a powerful Assassins’ Conclave offers to kill any Enemy in any Region and deliver it to the player’s character as a trophy, for a price. Thrifty players can risk being thrown in Jail by trying to get a deal on any of the Shops’ inventory at the Black Market .

Exploring the Streets of the City

The City is, first and foremost, a place where the people of Talisman come to do business. The shopping district of the City is its lifeblood, offering a wide array of goods and services to adventurers if a player makes his way to the edge of the board, but the stores are not the only draw that the shopping district has to offer.

In one corner of the board, a player in need can enter the halls of the mysterious Rogues’ Guild. Adventurers here can visit the Rogue Chaplain, and have their Alignments shifted to whatever may suit their current needs. The Rogues’ Guildmaster’s motives are his own, and he doesn’t appreciate any high-minded heroes or vain villains getting in the way of his business. Only players with a neutral Alignment can attempt to appeal to the Guildmaster for a token of support. Even if you’re appropriately unprincipled, he’s a hard man to convince to part with his gold.

Situated right next to the Rogue’s Guild is the Wharf , the key to quickly exiting the City by utilizing its coastline. A player can pay one gold to have a ferry take his character to any space in the Outer or Middle Regions of the main Talisman board. If you’re done with the hustle and bustle of the City and you just want to get back to your quest for the Crown of Command, this quick exit is an inexpensive way to return to the task at hand.

On the opposite end of the Region, the High Temple awaits those who would make a donation and spend some time in prayer. Players donate between one and three gold for the chance to roll one die for each gold donated. Your prayers could send you off on a quest at the Warlock’s Cave, or perhaps the gods will smile upon you and grant you a Talisman. The High Temple provides adventurers with a chance to take a gamble with the good graces of the gods.

The City’s Academy , a bastion of learning and enlightenment, sits right next to the High Temple. The instructors of the Academy are masters at leading adventurers down paths of improvement that they may not have thought of on their own. Normally, players must use Strength trophies to increase their Strength, or Craft trophies to increase their Craft. At the Academy, players can spend seven points of any kind of combination of trophies to increase either value.

Midway between the High Temple and the Rogue’s Guild is the last place any adventurer would want to find themselves: the Jail . Adventurers can land in the Jail for a whole range of reasons. Attacking the City Guard or attempting to buy goods at the Black Market can get you sent to Jail. Getting stuck in the Jail may not always be your fault, though. Perhaps another character has bribed a Corrupt Sheriff in order to have your adventurer thrown into the dank, dark confines of Jail without cause. Escaping the Jail is no easy task. Money talks in the City, though, and the guard at the Jail can be bribed to increase your chances of getting away. Once you’ve paid your debt to society (or bribed your way to freedom) you’re free to roam the streets once again.

With so much to see and do, adventurers will have many more chances to earn and spend their hard-won gold as they tread the dangerous streets in The City . In our next preview, we’ll take a look at how adventurers can earn a bit of extra gold collecting bounties. Keep checking back for more on this exciting upcoming expansion to Talisman !

Talisman is a classic board game of adventuring through the lands in search of the powerful Crown of Command. Take control of one of 14 different characters from a powerful Troll to a magical Druid, and enter a beloved world of fantasy adventure!

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