You have journeyed far and faced countless perils in your quest to claim the Crown of Command, but as you make your dangerous final ascent, an unnatural chill cuts through you. Someone, or something, has already taken your prize, and even now grows stronger as it awaits your arrival. You draw your sword, hoping that the trials of the past several weeks have been enough to prepare you for the fight ahead...

Welcome to the third preview for The Frostmarch , the upcoming expansion for Talisman ! In our first preview, we looked at two new characters, the mighty Ogre Chieftain and the cunning Leprechaun. Last time, we met another playable character: The Warlock, and we saw how new Warlock Quests will play an important role in your Talisman strategy. Today, we’ll explore two of the new alternative endings to be found in The Frostmarch .

Originally introduced in a past edition of Talisman , Alternative Ending Cards may be familiar to long-time fans of the classic adventure game. These optional additions provide variety and strategy to Talisman by fundamentally changing the game’s victory condition. Depending on the tastes of the players (and the restrictions of the cards themselves), these cards can be unrevealed, meaning that only upon reaching the Crown of Command does a potential winner learn the true objective of the game, or revealed, which allows all players to adjust their strategies according to that objective.

Further underscoring the importance of Warlock Quest Cards to The Frostmarch , our first Alternative Ending Card requires that players collect and complete four Warlock Quests as proof of their worthiness to wear the Crown of Command. This makes effects that alter Warlock Quests, like last week’s Glory Seeker, even more risky!

A deadly sorceress responsible for bringing The Frostmarch to the land, the vile Ice Queen is the subject of another terrifying Alternative Ending Card. When this card is in play, a character standing on the Crown of Command must choose whether to attack the Ice Queen using Strength or Craft... and either way, she’s a formidable adversary. This hearty foe has four lives, meaning that her attacker must best her multiple times before victory can be claimed. What’s more, if the attacking hero ever loses, he or she will face a punishment in addition to the loss of a life, and it may include being sent all the way back to the plain of peril!

The Ice Queen has more than a few nasty tricks up her sleeve, but all will be revealed in time...

Talisman is a classic game of adventuring. Your character journeys through the lands in search of the powerful Crown of Command. Take control of one of 14 different characters from a powerful Troll to a magical Druid.

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