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Since Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation is designed by the celebrated and prolific Reiner Knizia, players can expect the level of elegant simplicity and strategic depth for which he’s known. Gameplay is deceptively straightforward – each turn, players move one of their hidden characters forward on the board. If a character is moved into a region that already contains an opposing player’s unit, combat ensues.

One player controls the Fellowship of the Ring, attempting to destroy the One Ring in the land of Mordor. The other wields the power of Sauron and his minions as they seek to reclaim the ring of power from Frodo and cover Middle-earth in darkness. Both players have nine characters, each with different abilities and strengths, to pit against the opposing side.

What's New in This Printing?

This printing, which includes the Classic game, as well as Variant and Draft games (introduced in the Deluxe edition), makes a wonderful addition to the collection of any Lord of the Rings enthusiast. Between its stunning artwork and its faithful recreation of the race between the Fellowship and Sauron, you’ll find Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation to be uniquely immersive, so you can enjoy a perilous adventure in Middle-earth.

While the rules and gameplay remain unchanged, there are a few new elements in this printing. They are as follows:

Will you take up with the dark lord Sauron and bend Middle-earth to your will as you seek the One Ring? Or will you become part of the Fellowship and battle against the forces of Mordor on your quest to destroy the Ring of power? The choice is yours. Head to your local retailer or our webstore to purchase your copy today!


Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation is a two player board game in which players take control of either the forces of Sauron, seeking to find their master's ring, or the forces of the free peoples of Middle Earth, seeking to destroy Sauron's ring in the fires of Mount Doom.

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