Evil is stirring again in the black lands of Mordor. Brave heroes are needed to stand against the terrible might of Sauron, and the time for action is nearly at hand. The fate of all Middle-earth rests on the shoulders of a brave Fellowship of hobbits...

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce the new Silver Line Edition of The Lord of the Rings ! This unique cooperative board game captures the magic and tension of J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendary trilogy.

From the brilliant mind of Reiner Knizia, The Lord of the Rings puts 2-5 players in the roles of hobbits in a classic tale of good versus evil. As players travel through the dangerous Mines of Moria and defend the citadel of Helm’s Deem, they must work together to fight off the growing influence of Sauron. If they falter in their quest just a little, they risk succumbing to the growing darkness.

The new Silver Line Edition of The Lord of the Rings retains the beautiful illustrations of John Howe and the elegant gameplay mechanics that has made it such a fan favorite. With updated graphics, new components, and a clear rules presentation, this is the best way for friends and family to immerse themselves in The Lord of the Rings!

Please note that due to its redesigned, smaller components this new Silver Line Edition of The Lord of the Rings will not be compatible with previously released expansions.

Based on the beloved literature of J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings: The Board Game lets 2-5 players cooperate to stop the Dark Lord Sauron from winning back the One Ring and enslaving the land. Join Frodo and the Fellowship on their perilous adventure across Middle Earth, and use your skill and fortune to guide you.

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