Several years have passed and after having repelled many enemy attacks from beyond the fortified walls of your frontier town, the time is right to push the king's borders further and expand the realm. The outlying provinces are as in need now of strong governors to defend the developing settlements as ever before. Can you tame the wilderness, hold back the hordes, and strengthen the kingdom?

The award-winning* board game Kingsburg grows deeper and even more strategic this Summer with the addition of its first expansion: To Forge a Realm .

In Kingsburg , players take on the roles of provincial governors whose task is to defend the kingdom from marauding monsters and develop frontier settlements into prosperous towns. Players roll dice representing influence and allocate them to earn the favor of the king's various advisors and courtiers. With a little luck and skillful placement of influence, players will develop the various productive buildings of their towns and use the special abilities of the buildings to win victory points, battle enemies, and earn more influence at court.

In Kingsburg: To Forge a Realm , five new game-altering modules are introduced to add depth and strategy to the experience of the Kingsburg core game:

• Add more buildings to your town with a larger province sheet. The new buildings include the Training Camp, Military Academy, Mint, Goldsmith, and more.

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• Customize your town with a choice of new buildings to replace buildings from the core game or expansion and alter your strategy based on the new opportunities presented. Customized buildings include Tiltyard, Traveling Market, Alchemists' Guild, Griffin Ranch, and more.

• Destiny Cards that add new bonuses and challenges through events that periodically enter the game. Sometimes the events will help players grow their towns during the productive seasons, but there are also cards that will weaken players and strengthen the enemies of Kingsburg ... plan carefully for calamities!

• New soldier tokens make the winter combat more predictable and let you put your resources to use for more peaceful endeavors, but be careful: each soldier token can only be used once and poor planning can let unexpected enemies batter down your barricades and crush your defenses.

• Governor Cards that let players take on new roles with special abilities that they can use over the course of the game. Governors include the Minstrel, the Fairy, and the Thief, among others.To Forge a Realm also includes a blank card for you to create your own Governor Card.

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Each module of To Forge a Realm can be played independently, in various combinations, or added all together; whichever will provide a richer and more rewarding gaming experience for you and your gaming group.

To Forge a Realm pushes the borders of Kingsburg further this Summer. Your wise stewardship will form the wall between a safe kingdom and a howling wilderness. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

* 2007 Lucca Games (Italy) Best of Show, 2008 Origins Award nominee

Kingsburg is a board game where players take on the roles of provincial governors tasked with protecting the furthest frontiers of the kingdom from marauding monsters. At the same time, players must use their influence to enlist the help of the king's courtiers in to civilize the wilderness, build prosperous towns, and earn the most favor from the king. The player who does the best at all of these things will achieve victory!

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