Cosmic Alliance , the third expansion for Cosmic Encounter , is now available at your local retailer and on our webstore ! This new addition to the beloved game of galactic politics brings 20 alien races, both original and classic, exploding onto your tabletop. Players will now stand petrified by the hideous Gorgon, be baffled by the puzzle of the Schizoid, and feel obsolete before the bionics of the Cyborg.

Cosmic Alliance also makes the Cosmos even bigger, adding another player as well as rules for large eight-player games (if you own all three expansions). Finally, Cosmic Alliance introduces a new variant – team rules, which allow steadfast allies to dominate the Cosmos together!

Let’s get this party started

The optional Team Cosmic variant places players in randomly determined teams of two, in which they’ll attempt to conquer the Cosmos cooperatively. Without discussing their race selection in advance, partners sit opposite each other at the table, where they can occasionally offer a helping hand; whenever a player gains a new foreign colony, he can choose to instead gift that colony to his partner.

The Lightning Alien sheet. Click to enlarge.

But be careful! While each player is still responsible for his own victory condition, neither partner can claim a win until both partners can. It’ll take teamwork and clever play to rule the galaxy together. Will you carry the alliance, or ride the coattails of your partner? Will your alien abilities form an unstoppable synergy, or will you be at constant odds?

It's a big galaxy

Whether or not you choose to divide into teams, the new eight-player rules are ready to make your games of Cosmic Encounter even more epic. Players who own all three expansions ( Cosmic Incursion, Cosmic Conflict , and Cosmic Alliance ) can broaden the galaxy like never before, creating the perfect option for large parties of Cosmic Encounter fans.

Are you ready to be a team player? For more on Cosmic Alliance , check out our series of previews or download the complete rules (pdf, 996 KB) from the support page. Then, head to your local retailer and join the party!

Cosmic Encounter is a classic board game that puts players in charge of the fate of an alien race. Three to five players each strive to be the first to conquer five enemy colonies and establish themselves as the dominant life form in the galaxy. With over 50 alien characters to choose from, no two games are ever the same.

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