Unlikely alliances are forming throughout the galaxy, and fantastic new aliens have arrived to be part of them. Can these unexpected partnerships last? If they do, how will they change the epic struggle for interstellar control? Choose your sides quickly, for those unable to work well with others may soon find themselves wandering the Cosmos alone.

In December, we announced Cosmic Alliance , the upcoming third expansion for Cosmic Encounter . This new addition to the beloved game of galactic politics brings 20 alien races, both original and classic, exploding onto your tabletop. Players will now give in to the demands of the Extortionist, be baffled by the puzzle of the Schizoid, and have their vision split by the Crystal!

How to win friends and influence aliens

So far, we’ve previewed the charismatic General , the multi-talented Cyborg, the pint-sized Pygmy , the toxic Poison, and the vampiric Sting . Today, we’re pleased to present the rules for Cosmic Alliance (pdf, 996 KB), now available on our support page .

Download the rules today, then head to your local retailer to place your pre-order. The party is about to begin, so be ready when Cosmic Alliance invades tabletops later this quarter!

Cosmic Encounter is a classic board game that puts players in charge of the fate of an alien race. Three to five players each strive to be the first to conquer five enemy colonies and establish themselves as the dominant life form in the galaxy. With over 50 alien characters to choose from, no two games are ever the same.

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