Born from an ooze of chemicals that are toxic to all other lifeforms, the Poison are greatly feared for their ability to kill with a single touch. Meanwhile, the highly hostile Sting travel the Cosmos looking for victims from whom to steal life force. Other races would be wise to grant these vile creatures a wide berth, for those who find themselves in opposition of the Poison or Sting will quickly pay a steep price.

In December we announced Cosmic Alliance , the latest expansion for Cosmic Encounter . This new addition to the beloved game of galactic politics brings 20 alien races, both original and classic, exploding onto your tabletop. It also features components for another player, rules for large eight-player games, and a new variant – team rules, which allow steadfast allies to dominate the Cosmos together!

In our first preview , we looked at the Team Cosmic variant, and we saw how the charismatic and inspirational General stands ready to lead his troops to victory. Then, we caught a glimpse of the multi-talented Cyborg and the pint-sized Pygmy, two races that capitalize on strength in numbers. Today, we’ll continue our tour of the Cosmos with a look at the Poison and the Sting, a pair of aliens that boast effective natural deterrents against intruders.

Ride the wind

With atmospheres that are barely tolerable to life, the planets in the Poison’s home system are unattractive prizes. Most races living in such colonies find themselves constantly nauseous and lethargic, and life expectancy decreases noticeably for their unfortunate colonists. In fact, for any invading race hoping to maintain a presence on a Poison world, a constant stream of reinforcements is necessary.

The Poison Alien Sheet. Click to enlarge.

Don’t stand so close to me

Similarly, the Sting is a race with the uncanny ability to send enemy ships careening into the warp. They recklessly scour the stars in search of their goal, secure in the knowledge that if they should take casualties, their vampiric powers will ensure that someone else pays the price. Try to stay on the Sting’s good side, for if you earn their displeasure, all you can do is grit your teeth and bear the pain.

The Sting Alien Sheet. Click to enlarge.

Feel free to admire these engaging races from afar, just don’t get too close. If you incur the wrath of the Poison or Sting, you’re sure to feel the unpleasant consequences. Keep checking back for more in the coming weeks, and look for Cosmic Alliance on store shelves later this quarter!

Cosmic Encounter is a classic board game that puts players in charge of the fate of an alien race. Three to five players each strive to be the first to conquer five enemy colonies and establish themselves as the dominant life form in the galaxy. With over 50 alien characters to choose from, no two games are ever the same.

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