At long last the time has come to zoom, zip and blast off at the speed of light towards your friendly local retailer to grab a copy of Cosmic Incursion , our first expansion for Cosmic Encounter - the legendary board game of infinite possibilities! 

Within the box you will find a full set of components in orange for a sixth player, including twenty plastic ships, five planets, three matching destiny cards, and a player colony marker.
Your cosmic menagerie will explode with the addition of twenty alien races - ten classic aliens who are making their long-awaited reappearance, plus ten more alien powers that have never been seen before!
Cosmic Incursion also introduces a brand new incentive for interstellar diplomacy in the form of the reward deck. This variant game mechanic is a deck of 32 cards that are available only to defensive allies, who may choose to draw some or all of their defender rewards from it.
These special, slightly more powerful cards are perfect for gaining the upper hand in an encounter: crooked deals can score you some extra cards after a negotiation, unstable rift cards offer an escape route for ships stuck in the warp but will detonate when taken as compensation, and kicker cards can swing fortune either in your favor or against it.
Although the rewards deck card backs are related to the cards in the cosmic deck, they are a significantly different color. This intentionally devious design will vex you each and every time you are faced with taking compensation from your opponent's hand.
Should you safely pry away a normal cosmic card, or is it time to push your luck in hopes for plucking an exceptionally juicy reward? As always, the risk is that you might grab a rift. The rewards deck is peppered with rift cards that will siphon your ships to the warp in the blink of a cosmic eye, but only when you mistakenly take that card from another player!
Cosmic Encounter is a classic board game for three to five players where fate and destiny collide against the unpredictable nature of the cosmos. With innumerable combinations of alien powers, and exceptional wheeling and dealing between players, this fan favorite game of galactic conquest is brimming with outlandish twists as players race to be the first to establish enough colonies to win.
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