You have the power of Patience. This mechanical race is awaiting the day when Universe dies, and they will do anything they can to prevent the other races from delaying the inevitable. At the beginning of the game, ten tokens are placed upon the alien sheet. Any time a player wins as the defense, or if a successful negotiation takes place, Tick-Tock may discard a token from the sheet. If at any point in time there are no tokens on the sheet, Tick-Tock immediately wins. Alternatively, the normal win condition is still a way to victory.

Tick-Tock's power is devastating and wears down each opponent as they watch tokens slowly disappear from the sheet. Each battle will have your opponents wondering which is better, defending successfully and preventing an opponent from placing a colony, or letting them place a colony and preventing you from removing a token. As if that isn't enough, the flare is... to be spoiled another time.

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