There you are, on the field of battle. The song of steel fills the dawn air. Your foes press the line, forcing your fellows back. With one last burst of adrenaline, your comrades dig their feet into the bloodied earth and push the invaders back. For a moment you think you have won the ground. But then, on the hill, a massive shape appears, letting forth a deep and menacing howl. You’re not sure what scares you more - the enormous bear that’s lumbering your way, or the dwarf upon his back, swinging his axe madly above his head as he laughs at your inevitable defeat...

Welcome back to another exciting preview of the newest addition to BattleLore ! Previously we looked at some of the new units in Bearded Brave , and today we will continue on and witness the wild power of the dwarven Bear Riders!

Bred for battle from the time they were cubs, the dwarven bear mounts are lumbering forces of destruction. Throw a dwarf on top and you’ve got a recipe for mayhem. The dwarven Bear Riders are trained specifically to never relent, to ride their enraged mounts into the thick of battle and never give in until their last foe falls.

To reflect their unforgiving nature, Bear Riders benefit from a special rule that allows them to reroll any Bonus Strike results on their dice. Essentially, each Bonus Strike die result a Bear Rider unit rolls “explodes”, allowing the player to reroll those dice for additional hits. Any results that match their opponents’ banners or show another Bonus Strike result cause additional hits. This continues until no more Bonus Strikes are rolled or the opposing unit is defeated.

Bear Riders are unique mounted units. While they can still gain ground when either defeating their foes or forcing them to retreat, they cannot pursue. They do however get to make a bonus melee attack, since the dwarves train their bears to be nip at heels.

Don’t drop your guard, there’s more to come on Bearded Brave and BattleLore , so check back soon!

Set in a world that bridges history and fantasy, BattleLore is board game that puts 2 players in command of a vast array of miniature troops on the battlefields of medieval Europe. Using the easy-to-learn Commands and Colors system, players can wage thrilling battles quickly! 

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