The end of the
world is upon us!

Eldritch Horror

 A Global Tale of Mystery and Horror.

The world is on the cusp of catastrophe as an evil and ancient being begins to stir. Vicious monsters, dark cults, and indescribable horrors are wreaking havoc on every continent, while gates to other worlds tear at the fabric of the cosmos. Struggling against this impending doom are a few brave souls, diverse in background but united in their determination to save the human race. Together, you and your fellow investigators will travel throughout the world and unravel a tangle of arcane mysteries in order to prevent the end of civilization as you know it. Do you have the strength to solve the mysteries, defeat the Ancient One, and save the world? 

Eldritch Horror is a cooperative board game for 1 – 8 players inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft and the classic board game Arkham Horror.

The stars are aligned

A cooperative adventure game based on the work of H.P. Lovecraft

Inspired by Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson’s classic game Arkham Horror

An ancient evil stirs

Every Game a Unique Experience

Eldritch Horror is designed so that no two adventures are alike. 

Each Ancient One gives a different shape to the game, determining what horrors are unleashed on the globe, what mysteries you must solve, and how you can achieve victory. Depending on who you must defeat, you might face treacherous seas, hasten doom whenever you enter an Other World, or find monsters infesting every corner or the world. 

Your journey across the globe will always be unique. Hundreds of cards provide an immense variety of encounters, ensuring that even if you remain in one location, you are continuously discovering unfamiliar horrors and facing fresh challenges. Every turn of this immersive and vivid game takes you into the unknown.

Travel to the ends of the earth

Unlikely Heroes

Take on the role of an intrepid investigator determined to defend the world 

The investigators of Eldritch Horror come from all walks of life and corners of the earth, brought together by the terrible knowledge that the world is in danger and by their determination to save it. Your team may be composed of artists and workers, scholars and fighters, criminals and power-brokers. Each investigator has their own strengths, weaknesses, equipment, and special abilities. Whether you prefer to search for spells in the Arkham library or explore the Antarctic wastelands, you have a role to play in the international struggle against the awakening horror. 

Arcane and dark mysteries await...

Take part in a global struggle against ancient evil

Humanity needs you. Are you brave enough to fight the horror?

Eldritch Horror

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