Confront Deadly Horrors

Elder Sign

Brave the Museum's Horrors and Save the World

Locals say that the Arkham museum has always been haunted, but now it is overrun with vicious creatures, cursed artifacts, and mysterious, dark phenomena. Yet the horrors wreaking havoc within the museum are mere symptoms of a far worse evil: an Ancient One is awakening who will destroy the known world if it regains full strength. The means to defeat it can be found inside the museum, if you are willing to enter this perilous place.

You are part of a team of investigators who must not only make the museum once again safe but also unearth the powerful, enchanted Elder Signs that can stop the Ancient One. Do you have what it takes to face the museum’s horrors– and save the world? 

Elder Sign is a cooperative dice game for one to eight players based on the stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

Monsters and
mysteries in every room

A Cooperative Dice Game of Lovecraftian Horror

Designed by Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson, creators of the classic board game Arkham Horror.

As midnight falls,
doom approaches

The Search for Elder Signs

Solve the mysteries before time runs out.

To gather the Elder Signs you need, you must explore the museum and undertake the many adventures within its walls. You may trace a trail of fresh blood across the exhibit hall, encounter archaic texts that describe your own dark future, or discover that a centuries-old mummified corpse is still breathing. You may even pass through a dimensional tear and enter an uncanny Other World. Your dedicated efforts may consume your strength and stamina, but each adventure you complete brings you closer to victory.

Every night you spend in the museum brings the Ancient One closer to awakening. Every turn, the clock advances three hours and at midnight, the Mythos phase introduces fresh terrors and cruel new difficulties that may thwart your investigation. The situation inside the museum may become truly dire just as your team of investigators is about to succeed. 

From exhibits and vaults,
venture into Other Worlds

Triumph and Terror

Determine the fate of the world with a roll of the dice.

Adventures consist of tasks corresponding to results on the set of custom dice. Success can earn you helpful rewards including Elder Signs– but success might also make a monster appear, or open up a passage to an Other World. Failure could drain your sanity or stamina, or even help awaken the Ancient One. If you roll a tentacled terror symbol, you may suffer even worse penalties for your failure. 

To defeat the Ancient One you’ll need solid strategy and a little luck. During your time in the museum you’ll pick up clues, spells, weapons, and artifacts that will give you advantages. Your fellow investigators can also help you overcome particularly challenging tasks. If you use your tools wisely and work together as a team, you may just triumph against the odds. 

Discover the Secrets of the Arkham Museum

Join the Investigation

Dare you enter the museum?

Elder Sign

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