Louis Gentile

2012 Dust Tactics World Champion

“In a man-to-man fight, the winner is he who has one more round in his magazine.”

Who is Louis Gentile?

As the 2011 Dust Tactics World Championship Runner-Up and the 2012 Dust Warfare North American Champion, Louis Gentile quickly established himself as one of the greatest generals in the alternate 1940s reality world of Dust Tactics.

During the 2012 FFG World Championship Weekend, Louis took the final steps to assert his command over the battlefield by winning third place in Dust Warfare and taking home the title of 2012 Dust Tactics World Champion.

  • Dust Tactics World Champion – 2012
  • Dust Warfare World Championship, 3rd – 2012
  • Dust Warfare North American Champion – 2012
  • Dust Tactics North American Championship, Top 8 – 2012
  • Dust Tactics Regional Champion – 2012
  • Dust Tactics World Championship, 2nd – 2011

In His Own Words:

Right now I live in Rochester, NY, where I am a student at Rochester Institute of Technology, but Philadelphia, PA is the place that I call home.

In my free time, I play all sorts of competitive strategy games. I'm usually one for video games, but ever since Dust Warfare hit the shelf, I've been all about the tabletop! 

On His Favorite Dust Tactics Faction:

My favorite faction is the Axis; they have the most versatile and deadliest troops. They can fight effectively at any range and are the most resilient troops on the battlefield. Plus, the Axis walkers look quite bad-ass!

Louis Gentile receiving his Dust Warfare North American Championship trophy.

Preparing for Tournaments:

First, I start with lots of painting and researching the rules for different units. Then, after careful consideration and play-testing, I’ll pick out my list. After that, I’ll do some tweaking and shuffling of units to get the best out of all of them, see if the platoons are arranged well, and try to get the list painted when I have spare time.

…Then I'll end up scrapping all that hard work and pick out a new list at 2 AM the night before.

Louis Gentile plans an assault during the 2012 Dust Tactics World Championship Finals.

On the 2012 World Championship Finals:

The final match was extremely tense! I started off down several points and stayed there throughout the first half, but while I was down, I was able to position myself to regain the lead. I readied troops to move up and take the few vital points I needed to snatch victory with a three-pronged strike.

A last second assault by Lara and her Heavy Recon Grenadiers destroyed the Sturmpionieren while my Heavy Laser Grenadiers moved along the other side of the board to destroy a Lothar in round seven, scoring the points I needed to clinch my victory!






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