Dan Seefeldt

2012 A Game of Thrones: The Card Game North American Champion, Overall

“For every mistake you make, you are taking a shot of hot sauce.”
    –Erick Butzlaff

2012 North American Champion Dan Seefeldt (left) and friend.

Who is Dan Seefeldt?

A key member of the Wisconsin meta, Dan Seefeldt began playing A Game of Thrones: The Card Game in 2011 and quickly mastered the subtleties of the game’s intrigue challenges, military battles, and power struggles. He earned respect by placing second in 2011’s prestigious Days of Ice and Fire Joust, and by the time Gen Con Indy 2012 and the first-ever North American Championship rolled around, Dan managed to solidify his entry into the Hall of Heroes by taking the Overall crown with a victory in the Joust and a Top 4 performance in the Melee.

  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game North American Champion – 2012
  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Days of Ice and Fire, 2nd Joust – 2011

In His Own Words:

I grew up in Marshfield, WI and lived in Wausau, WI for most of my life. I am currently attending UW-Eau Claire and studying for a double-major in accounting and finance. I have an amazing girlfriend that gets me through the hard times and an amazing group of friends that get me through the rest. I love sports and any type of competition. I always enjoy a good challenge.

I fell in love with card games at a local gaming store – JohnnyCee Cards to be exact – and found out about A Game of Thrones through my best friend, Chad Baumgardt. I instantly loved the game as I feel it is superior to Magic in every way. I used to play Magic, but Thrones has basically taken over that role in my life.

On the 2012 North American Championship Joust Finals:

In the 2012 A Game of Thrones North American Championship Joust Finals, Dan’s Starks confronted Ram Deleon’s Greyjoys in a match in which both players were running Kings of Winter decks. Both started the game by taking mulligans, and Dan took an early lead by playing Dissension (Queen of Dragons, 44) to discard Ram’s Gilbert Farwynd (Gates of the Citadel, 7). At the end of the first turn, Dan held the advantage in board position with four characters to Ram’s one.

Over subsequent turns, Dan continued to push his advantage, killing Ram’s characters with Military challenges and gaining enough power with his Renown to win before he would have had to play his final plot, Valar Morghulis (Core Set, 201).

Dan says, “It was a pretty intense match, and I was pretty nervous, as is evident from the mistakes I made. It was a tight game even though it looked like I was always in the driver seat.”

Why Greyjoy?

My favorite faction is Greyjoy. Despite their lack of strength in the Intrigue department, they make up for it with the ability to save characters, and they have good cancels. Not to mention Asha (Where Loyalty Lies, 70) is really good. Their three-drop slot is pretty crowded with good characters, but they also have some good, cheap efficient low cost characters as well.

Preparing for Tournaments:

In order to prefer for high-level events, I typically get some games in on OTCGN. I also let my good friends build my deck. Here, I am talking about Chad Baumgardt and Corey Faherty. Then, I let my Jedi master Erick Butzlaff talk me out of bad decisions, and I just play.





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